The writing has been on the wall for a while, ever since Disney purchased Fox, but now it’s official – X-Men spin-off, Legion will end after its forthcoming third season.

The news was announced at the Television Critics Awards (via Collider). The final season of Legion will air in June.

So, if Legion is ending, what does this mean for the other X-Men spin-off, The Gifted?


Those who follow along with my live blog of The Gifted on a Sunday night will know I’ve asked this question a number of times now. The show is currently three episodes away from completing its second season and there has been no news on a pick-up or a cancellation.


…yeah, there’s still no news.

All that we now at this time is that Legion will come to an end and we’re still waiting on news for The Gifted.

If I was to put money on it, I’d say The Gifted is on its way out too. At this point, with Marvel now firmly in the process of the Fox acquisition, it’s unlikely The Gifted will get renewed.

Am I sad about this?

No, not really.

I liked the first season, but this second season seems to be running out of steam. If The Gifted does end in three weeks’ time I’m not going to lose sleep over it.

Legion first aired in February 2017, running for eight episodes. The show was then picked up for a second, 11-episode season for 2018, before scoring a third season renewal.

The Gifted hit screens in October 2017, running for 13 episodes. The series returned in September 2018 for a further 16 episodes.

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