Over the festive period, amongst the endless repeats and holiday specials, a few treats cropped up. The first was Bird Box; the second, Bandersnatch; and the third was Bros: After the Screaming Stops.

If you’re not familiar with Bros: After the Screaming Stops then I urge you to stop what you’re doing, find 90 minutes in your schedule, load up the BBC iPlayer and watch it. The docu-film – a documentary about former UK boy band, Bros – is one of the strangest things you will watch.


After the Screaming Stops follows the Bros brothers as they reunite for a concert – the first Bros concert in almost 30 years. This itself would be a source of interest (to Bros fans anyway), but the real gold in this story comes from the brothers themselves, who have a unique take on life.

You’ve possibly seen various Tweets about this documentary already, with numerous people commenting that it is one of the most bizarre documentaries of all-time. Well, all of that is true – we’re talking Spinal Tap territory here.

I really don’t want to spoil anything – I promise you will find Bros: After the Screaming Stops one of the most captivating, incredibly bonkers docu-films imaginable. However, as a little taster, here is a line taken from the movie.


Said by Matt Goss, with a completely straight face – “I was a rectangle and (Luke) was a rectangle and we made a square that became a fortress.”

Does that make any sense to anyone?


Nope – didn’t think so.

And that really is just one tiny morsel from a documentary which keeps giving. A documentary which features a painting of a bull dog holding a pint of beer; a petition about conkers; and an endless stream of arguments that are about… well, damned if I know!

Bros: After the Screaming Stops is currently available to watch on iPlayer. Please, please watch it.

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