Earlier in the week the internet imploded over news regarding Henry Cavill exiting the role of Superman. Today, the internet is angry because of…

*Roles dice*


So, here’s the story.

A little while back, Sony announced it was to green light the oft-talked about Spider-Man spin-off movie, Venom. Some people were fine with the idea of seeing a Venom movie, others were not.

News then broke that the Venom movie would NOT include one key ingredient of the character’s origin story; namely, Spider-Man. People were not fine with this.

Then the film entered production and finally a trailer was released. The trailer wasn’t great and people were concerned.

Then further news emerged that the studio were contemplating releasing Venom as an R-rated movie, allowing for violence, bad language and adult content to permeate the film. Fans assumed the movie would be closer in tone to Deadpool (2016) and Logan (2017) and were pretty happy about this idea.

A second trailer arrived, depicting a darker, meaner Venom that fitted in with the possibility of an R-rating. Fans were even more happy about this and some (not all) of the concerns regarding Venom started to die down.

News then started to circulate that maybe the movie wouldn’t be an R-rated film after all and would instead skew towards a PG-13 certificate in order to line-up with the tone of Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) and the forthcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019). Fans were concerned again.

And that brings us to today and the news that…

*pauses for dramatic purposes*

Venom will be a PG-13 certificate movie and NOT an R-rated movie.

The internet is now very, very angry.

Perhaps not quite the same level of anger as the Henry Cavill meltdown, but people are still pretty upset.

To be fair, to a certain point I see where some people are coming from. Venom is designed to be a dark, unhinged anti-hero, so putting him in a family friendly movie doesn’t line up with how many fans imagine him.

OK, so the character doesn’t have to be exactly the way people imagine him, but that second (slightly better) trailer suggests the film is going to be a dark affair. Now that we know the movie is going to be a PG-13, the trailer does feel very misleading.

The general feeling here is that the director has been working towards a dark movie and the studio have opted for something lighter. The worry is that the film will now have various cuts which will not only effect the tone, but also the story itself.

Audiences have been burnt before.

OK, so regardless of the rating, a good movie is a good movie, so as long as Venom isn’t a big dumpster fire then it’ll be fine, right?

Yeah, let’s just hope it’s not a dumpster fire.

My general rule of thumb is not to bash a film until I’ve seen it, but as previously highlighted on this very blog, I do have concerns with Venom. In my opinion the trailers look bad and this latest news about the rating doesn’t fill me with much confidence.

I suppose we’ll find out soon enough as the film makes its debut in just three weeks’ time. Although I do get the feeling that Venom will get a theatrical release as a PG-13, with an R-rated release to follow for the home video release.