This morning the second trailer for Sony Pictures’ Venom dropped, offering the first proper look at Tom Hardy as Marvel’s menacing anti-hero, Venom. The trailer provided additional footage to what had been released previously and presented a little more story too.

I’ll be honest with you – I wasn’t impressed.

I didn’t think much of the first trailer for Venom (it was dull) and if I’m being completely honest, I think even less of this one. I think it looks bad. Real bad.

For those who have yet to see the trailers, here’s trailer No.1:

For a comic book/super hero movie there’s not much to go on is there?

Here’s trailer No.2:

This time around there’s a bit more clarity on who Venom is, but is it just me or does it look a bit… well… uneventful?


Prior to the first trailer dropping, I had concerns. The idea of Sony producing a Venom movie that wasn’t connected to Spider-Man, that wasn’t a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming and wasn’t a co-production with Marvel Studios (and therefore a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe) signalled alarm bells.

But I let that pass.

When the first trailer landed those concerns returned. Now the second trailer is here and those concerns have only grown.

Throughout the whole of the second trailer I kept thinking ‘This reminds me of one of the not-so good Marvel movies of the ’00s, like Elektra or Ghost Rider. I thought we’d moved on from that?’


Of course, trailers only offer up a small snippet of a movie, so the final product could differ greatly from what is being showcased here and come October, when Venom hits cinema screens the film could open to rave reviews. But I’m just not getting the feeling that this will happen.

I don’t know – I’m just not feeling it at all.

I usually subscribe to the opinion that you can’t knock a film until you’ve seen it and I also feel that trailers can often misrepresent the completed piece (hello, Suicide Squad anyone?), but as I say, I have concerns.

Maybe when Sony releases the inevitable third trailer, complete with footage of Venom’s nemesis, Carnage I’ll be more pleasantly surprised. Maybe.

So, what do you think?


Is Venom shaping up as you hoped or do you share my concerns? More importantly what do you think of Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock? Is he right for the role?

Sound off in the comments section and let’s talk it out.

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