Do you subscribe to Eaglemoss’s DC Comics – The Legend of Batman collection? Are you still awaiting last month’s books (and the special) despite being charged for this month’s set of books?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Actually, scratch that – do worry, you’ve been charged £60 for six books and you’ve not received anything yet!

So where are the books?


Earlier today, Eaglemoss sent out an email to subscribers to update them on what’s going on. If you subscribe you should have received the email, however, I am aware that these emails didn’t reach all subscribers, so here’s what you should have received:

Legends of Batman - Eaglemoss

According to the email, an ‘unexpected warehouse move’ is apparently the reason why you’ve not received last month’s books (or the special). Eaglemoss have moved to a new warehouse and this has messed up the delivery… or so they say.

Regular subscribers will be aware this isn’t an isolated incident – the delivery of this collection is sporadic at best. This is the worst delay so far.

So what can you do?

a.) Play the waiting game.

b.) Cancel your subscription.


At this stage I’d recommend two things:

1.) Join the Batmaniacs Facebook group – an unofficial group set up by subscribers. The group discuss the ongoing problems with Eaglemoss, so you can see what everyone else is dealing with and if nothing else it will make you realise you’re not alone!

2.) Keep your own record of what you’re paying and what you’ve received. This month subscribers (myself included) have paid out £60, with no clear indication of when the books will arrive. Keeping a record may help in the future, so that you get everything you’ve paid for.


From what’s being suggested in the Batmaniacs group, this month’s books (plus the special) will arrive sometime within the next 21 days. Last month’s books are still a problem and there’s no official date of when these will arrive.

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