On a scale of one to ten, how much do you still want to see a sequel to Disney’s Enchanted (2007)?

Eleven, you say? Oh, well then you might be pleased to know that it’s getting nearer to becoming a reality.

In a recent interview with The Talk (via Deadline), Enchanted‘s Amy Adams was asked about appearing in a sequel to the hit movie, to which she replied: “I am absolutely up for that.”

Adams added: “We’re working on it — so hopefully.”

Enchanted 2 – often referred to as Disenchanted – has been in development for sometime, so it’s good news that Adams is still very much interested in this project. The actress was superb in the original and would be a key ingredient for any follow-up.

Now, if we can all just keep our fingers crossed, maybe we’ll get a production date in the not-too-distant future.