Yesterday I talked briefly about the awesomeness of some of Steve Ditko’s covers for The Amazing Spider-Man. The artist – who recently passed away – produced some truly exceptional covers that needed to be remembered.

And this got me thinking – we don’t always give credit when its due. So, before this week draws to a close, I wanted to highlight two damn fine covers that have appeared on comic book shelves just this week.

The first of this week’s kick-ass covers is from artist, Geoffrey Shaw and it graced the front of Marvel’s Cosmic Ghost Rider issue #1. Take a look-see…


Image: ©Marvel Comics

Vibrant colours, a menacing look and of course, a real cosmic vibe (in keeping with the title of the book) make this cover a winner in my book. This is the sort of cover that sits on a shelf and says “pick-me, I will rock your world”.

Incidentally, having read Cosmic Ghost Rider issue #1, I can say this book is fab and is off to a great start! I will be back for issue #2.

The second awesome cover of the week goes to Immortal Hulk issue #2. This cover is from none other than legendary artist, Alex Ross. Check it out…


Image: ©Marvel Comics

Tell me that isn’t a fantastic piece of artwork?

Again, this is a cover which really sells the heck out of the book – creating a creepy feel, that is impossible to miss on a comic book shelf.

Having read this issue, I can say it’s well worth picking up too – especially if you’re a fan of the classic Bixby/Ferrigno Incredible Hulk show. And who isn’t?

So there we go – two marvellous comic book covers that simply had to be highlighted.

Happy reading, folks!