Earlier today, I posted the sad news that comic book artist, Steve Ditko has passed away. As a follow-up post I thought it might be appropriate to share a small selection of Ditko’s cover artwork to The Amazing Spider-Man – a book he worked on with writer, Stan Lee.

Below are five covers from The Amazing Spider-Man, which in my opinion are simply fantastic.

First up the covers to The Amazing Spider-Man #3 (left) and #23 (right). The cover to issue #3 introduces the world to Doctor Octopus, while issue #23 features Spidey’s most famous villain, The Green Goblin.

Both of these covers capture the excitement and action that is contained within the book, while in the case of issue #3, there’s a bit of mystery as to who Doctor Octopus is! Simply awesome.

Next up are the covers to issues #29 (left) and #34 (right). Again, these are action-packed covers that really make this book stand out. If you saw this comic sat on a shelf, you would have to pick it up!

What I love about the cover to issue #29 is the fact that the water level (almost) half-covers the image – demonstrating this fight could go either way for Spidey. Meanwhile, the shot of Kraven the Hunter on the cover to issue #34 is just superb and show’s what a threat Kraven is.

And finally, perhaps one of the best covers of The Amazing Spider-Man and certainly one that has inspired many a homage, is this cover to The Amazing Spider-Man issue #33.

Amazing Spider-Man 33

Spidey is pinned under machinery, water is rising fast and the caption ‘The Final Chapter’ makes things look considerably dicey for the wall-crawler. This cover is stunning.