Remember a couple of days ago, when I posted news that Marvel fan, Nem had watched Infinity War 43 times? Well, there’s now a Marvelite who can go one better – a UK student who has seen the film 100 times!

17-year-old Kieran Harvey has watched Infinity War pretty much every day since the film came out in late April, more often than not Kieran has watched the film multiple times a day. Speaking to Uni Lad, Kieran said: “I really didn’t plan on seeing it this many times it just sort of happened, I go to the cinema an awful lot anyway, I saw Black Panther 30 times and so far have seen the new Deadpool 20 times. However Avengers just felt so different to anything I’ve ever seen before, and I just love it so much so have been going as much as I can!

“As soon as the trailer was released I thought, I’m going to watch this a hell of a lot but I just thought I’d reach 40, maybe pushing 50, but here we are at 100 and it’s crazy.”

So, how has the 17-year-old managed to watch the film so many times? He’s used his Odeon Limitless card of course, giving him unlimited screenings for just £17.99!