Last night, 20th Century Fox held press screenings for Deadpool 2 – the same night that Lucasfilm/Disney held screenings for Solo: A Star Wars Story (whoops). While reviews of both movies are currently embargoed, the initial reactions to each have been posted online.

In this post, I am rounding up the initial reactions to Deadpool 2. I will follow this up with a post on the Solo reactions.

And now a word of warning. Initial reactions always tend to be a little more positive than the critical reviews that follow, so take the response with a pinch of salt.


Here’s what’s being said:

  • Brian Truitt of USA Today, said: “I didn’t absolutely love the first Deadpool, but man, Deadpool 2 does the trick for me. Hilarious when it needs to be, surprisingly touching when it needs to be (not in that way, gross) and is kinda the best X-Men-universe flick in forever. Also: DOMINO RULEZ.”
  • Alex Abads, senior reporter for VoxDotCom, said: “Deadpool 2 is better than Infinity War.” He then retweeted, “Ryan Reynolds blocked me and I still loved his movie more.”
  • Kate Erbland of IndieWire, said: “#Deadpool 2: I’ll say this, it earns the hell out of that R rating. And the cameos. And the post-credit scenes.”
  • Sean O’Connell of CinemaBlend, said: “So, #Deadpool2 is the perfect sequel. Doubles down on everything that fans love about the original, and fixes some of that film’s issues. Huge, huge laughs that play the audience like a fiddle. @VancityReynolds destroys as Wade. Great action, fantastic comic book nods. A killer ride!”
  • And finally, Steven Weintraub of Collider, said: “Happy to report ‘Deadpool 2‘ is a lot of fun and had me laughing beginning to end. Stuff after the end credits is *awesome*. All the people added to the film were perfectly cast. Avoid spoilers. Always makes it a better experience.”

So, there you go – pretty positive stuff with the credit scene(s) getting the big thumbs up. Is this enough to convince you to see the movie? Like I have to even ask!

Deadpool 2 is on release next week.



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