Last night, Disney/Lucasfilm held press screenings for Solo: A Star Wars Story – which just happened to be on the same night as screenings of Deadpool 2. I just published a post with the initial reactions to Deadpool 2, so below is the response to Solo.

As a reminder, the review embargo is still in force for both movies, so these are initial social media reactions to Solo only. Initial reactions tend to be quite positive, so take all comments with a pinch of salt.


Here’s what’s being said about Solo: A Star Wars Story:

  • Clayton Sandell a correspondent for ABC, Good Morning America and Nightline, said: “Boom. #SoloAStarWarsStory Loved it. Stay off the internet! Avoid spoilers! Great job @RealRonHoward and cast!”
  • Chris Taylor of Mashable, said: “Oh, thank the maker. It’s good. It’s sooo good. #Solo.” When asked about Alden Ehrenreich’s performance, he then tweeted: “He’s no Harrison. He’s not trying to be. He’s his own Han, deliberately green, and it serves the story well.”
  • Mike Ryan of Uproxx, said: “The first act of SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY can be hit and miss clunky. But once Donald Glover’s Lando shows up (who is legit fantastic) and the Kessel Run heist plot kicks in, it’s a whole lot of fun. (And those who’ve always wanted a Han and Chewbacca shower scene are in luck.)
  • Joel Meares of Rotten Tomatoes, said: “Wow. Just came out of #SoloAStarWarsStory and can confirm it’s kinda a blast. @donaldglover was as perfect as expected, but Alden Ehrenreich has swagger to match, and spare.”
  • And finally, Eric Eisenberg of CinemaBlend, said: “Solo: A Star Wars Story is… fine. It’s slow to find its footing, but picks up in the second act, and it’s definitely fun. Has the occasional prequel problem answering questions I didn’t need answers to, but also some fun references. Overall I liked it, didn’t love it.”

So, mostly positive, with a ‘liked it, didn’t love it’ comment too. Pretty much what people are expecting, right? Will this change your opinion? Well, either way there’s not long to go until the movie arrives.

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits UK cinemas on May 24th and opens in the US on May 25th.



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