Directed by Brad Peyton, Rampage is a sci-fi action movie starring Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Joe Manganiello and one very, very big ape. Rampage is based on a classic computer game of the same name and promises to be the ultimate monster mash-up movie.

Rampage hits cinemas worldwide from next week, which means the early reactions from the preview screenings are now starting to pop up online. So, is Rampage a perfect piece of cinema or a monstrous mess?


Here’s what’s being said via Twitter:

  • Scott Menzel, Editor-in-Chief of We Live Entertainment, said: “RAMPAGE is the ultimate guilty pleasure. Brad Peyton has created a big budget B movie & Dwayne Johnson delivers his most outrageous performance to date. #Rampage is the ultimate monster movie and is non-stop campy fun. Did I mention that Dwayne Johnson fights a giant flying wolf?”
  • Brandon Davis of, said: “Rampage is ridiculous and fun! It’s a big movie, kind of like Transformers, back in the days when they were pretty good, but with giant monsters. Rampage embraces what it is visciously well, so that @TheRock and @JDMorgan can be epic on screen! Buckle up.”
Image: ©New Line Cinema
  • Skylar Shuler, Head Writer for CinInsider said: “Rampage was a mindless, popcorn action flick, in all the best ways. The VFX looked great, and watching the creatures destroy a full city was pretty awesome.”
  • Beatrice Verhoeven, Film Reviewer of The Wrap, said: “All I heard from other audience members while watching #Rampage last night was “this is f…. awesome.” It’s ridiculous and entertaining and @JDMorgan’s character is so much fun to watch.”
  • And finally, Peter Sciretta of Slashfilm, said: “#Rampage certainly doesn’t break the video game movie curse and has some of the worst villains I’ve seen on screen this year (and I saw Ready Player One) but it’s enjoyable in a disposable sense. I cared more about the Rock/Ape relationship than I did the city smashing.”

So, there you go, the general feeling is that Rampage is a full-on popcorn movie (did you expect anything less?) and as long as you understand this, you’ll find it enjoyable. Of course, these are early social media reactions, which tend to be more positive, so take them with a pinch of salt.



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