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Three movies to watch after A Quiet Place

Today I’m serving up a guide on what to watch after you see A Quiet Place. Directed by John Krasinski (who also stars in the movie alongside real-life wife, Emily Blunt), A Quiet Place is a creepy horror movie about a family trying to survive against monsters that react to sound. The majority of the…

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12 facts about the Jumanji cartoon

Running from September 1996 to March 1999, Jumanji (aka Jumanji: The Animated Series) comprised 40 episodes spread across three seasons. The show utilised characters from the first live-action Jumanji movie (the one that starred Robin Williams) but also introduced new concepts and characters along the way. Below is a guide to Jumanji, highlighting the key points…

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Digital degradation: Do DVDs degrade?

A little while ago, while working my way through various titles in my DVD collection, I came to discover something very worrying – my DVD collection was degrading. Not one disc, not two, but a considerable chunk of my collection was falling apart right before my eyes. Do I mean the discs were crumbling to…

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