In 1994, hit television sitcom, Friends, aired ‘The One Where Underdog Gets Away’ – a Thanksgiving-themed episode of the popular comedy show. The episode was broadcast to coincide with the holiday season, to provide the hilarious sitcom with a spot of turkey-infused fun.

Due to the popularity of the episode, with audiences enjoying this little bit of Thanksgiving mirth and merriment, Friends returned to the Thanksgiving holiday in future seasons. Continuing the following year, the show featured one Thanksgiving episode per season, to make it an annual tradition.

And even after Friends ended its run, the Thanksgiving fun continued via the Friends spin-off show, Joey. The short-lived comedy follow-up to Friends incorporated a Thanksgiving instalment into its second season.

But if you’re new to Friends (and Joey), and would really love to watch the Thanksgiving episodes, what are the stories you need to look out for? Well, for all the details and more, keep on reading!



Every Thanksgiving episode of Friends in order

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During the course of its run, Friends featured an impressive ten Thanksgiving episodes! As noted above, Joey also featured one Thanksgiving episode, giving you (sort of) 11 episodes in total.

If you wish to seek out all of the episodes, then simply follow this list:


  • The One Where Underdog Gets AwayFriends: Season One, Episode Nine (1994)
  • The One with the ListFriends: Season Two, Episode Eight (1995)
  • The One with the FootballFriends: Season Three, Episode Nine (1996)
  • The One with Chandler in a BoxFriends: Season Four, Episode Eight (1997)
  • The One with All the ThanksgivingsFriends: Season Five, Episode Eight (1998)
  • The One Where Ross Got HighFriends: Season Six, Episode Nine (1999)
  • The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like DogsFriends: Season Seven, Episode Eight (2000)
  • The One with the RumorFriends: Season Eight, Episode Nine (2001)
  • The One with Rachel’s Other SisterFriends: Season Nine, Episode Eight (2002)
  • The One with the Late ThanksgivingFriends: Season Ten, Episode Eight (2003)


  • Joey and the Bachelor ThanksgivingJoey: Season Two, Episode Ten (2005)

If you track down all of the above episodes, you can create your own little Thanksgiving mini-marathon to watch over the holiday season.



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