Howdy folks,

Remember back in July when I brought you news that It’s A Stampede! had reached three million views? Well, it’s now September and… 


…this blog has just passed four million views!

The summer proved to be a busy time for It’s A Stampede!, with a whole heap of you flocking to this blog for a bit of escapism. You stopped by to read the latest movie reviews, to check out a bit of news, and to take a glance at some informative posts – and boy, has it shown.

The end result of all you lovely people dropping by is that this blog has reached yet another ruddy big milestone – and so soon! So, thank you for that – it’s great to see the blog being visited by so many of you and your company is very welcome.


So, what’s new on the blog? 

Well, for those of you who are regular readers, you will have noticed the increased frequency of new movie reviews over the last few months. From the latest cinema releases to new streaming titles, I’m reviewing a whole bunch of new movies to help you decide what to watch and what to avoid. 

At the beginning of the year, when things were still pretty bleak in the UK, and few films were being released, I made a commitment to review one new movie every week. I stuck to that commitment, then cranked it up a notch, to offer you more reviews.

At present, I’m covering between three and six new movies a week, with titles taken from Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, Shudder, multiple video on demand services, and of course, the cinema! So don’t get stuck for something to watch, take a look at the reviews and you’ll know what to seek out in no time!


You can catch up on most of 2021’s movie reviews by checking out the posts: 50 movie reviews from January to June and 50 movie reviews from July to September. And of course, moving forward, should you want to keep track of all the latest movies, then be sure to follow It’s A Stampede!.

A follow today, could be a new movie review tomorrow. And it’s also the first step on the road to helping this blog achieve its next million views.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

For now, let’s celebrate four million views with another big THANK YOU from me to you. You guys are awesome and I couldn’t keep doing this without you.