Welcome to the final post in my four-part re-watch of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. If you have missed Parts 1, 2, and 3, now is the time to play catch-up.

As a reminder, I have not watched this show in its entirety for over 20 years. The aim of this re-watch is to see how well it holds up, to discuss my thoughts about each episode, and throw in the odd memory I have of watching the series the first time around.

In this final post, I am taking a look at episodes 40 to 52. These 13 episodes form the second half of the show’s second season, concluding The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest.

OK, let’s get started!



The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

Episode Forty – Village of the Doomed

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

1min 20secs – Jonny and Dr. Quest are on a father/son ‘bonding’ vacation in Devon, England.

2mins – They have just been attacked by an angry man with a club.

As someone who lives in the UK, I’d like to make everyone aware that Devon is a nice place, and it is certainly not filled with angry men with clubs.

3mins 20secs – The man is an escaped patient with mental health issues.

4mins – The Quests are staying in the Devonshire village of Wychford, which is not actually a real village in England. There is a Whichford in England, but it is located in Warwickshire, about two-and-a-half hours away from Devon.

I presume the name ‘Wychford’ is a nod to the book, The Midwich Cuckoos, as well as its author John Wyndham. The Midwich Cuckoos was adapted into a series of movies, the first being The Village of the Damned (1960), which is where this episode borrows its title.

5mins 20secs – OK, so there is a little more going on with the angry man from the start of this episode. It would appear that he was being controlled by a microchip in the back of his neck.

10mins 45secs – Despite the obvious nods to John Wyndham, I’m not getting Midwich Cuckoo vibes from this episode, it’s more Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) meets Halloween III (1982).

13mins – Hmmm… now this is odd.

In the previous episode (Without a Trace), the virtual realm known as Questworld was given a makeover. The 3D animation which is usually used to depict Questworld was replaced with 2D animation, presumably as a cost-cutting exercise.

In this episode, Questworld is back to looking like a 3D realm. There’s no sign of the weird 2D animation from the last episode.  

Was this episode produced before the previous one, or was the animation change in Without a Trace just a one-off? I have so many questions.


14mins – Back to the story, and all of the residents of Wychford are being mind-controlled, and this now includes Dr. Quest.

16mins – Jonny vs. an entire village of mind-controlled residents!

19mins 30secs – Jonny has disrupted the electronic signal to the microchips, thus freeing everyone from the mind control.

20mins 20secs – With the microchips disabled, Wychford is back to normal.

*Presses stop*

A perfectly fine episode, but I would have liked it to lean a little more into the sci-fi/horror premise. This story had the potential to be something really creepy, but it never even tried to walk that path.

That said, Village of the Doomed was enjoyable enough and it was nice to see Jonny and Dr. Quest getting a story together.




Episode Forty-One – Dark Sentinel

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

1min 30secs – This episode takes place in Cameroon.

2mins – Jonny and Hadji are collecting tree sap from the jungle.

3mins – A team of loggers are cutting down some of the trees. This will prove to be quite important.

4mins 45secs – The loggers have been attacked by a monster.

5mins 30secs – If I remember correctly, this episode is about a local tribe who send a monster after the loggers, to deter them from chopping down the trees.

10mins – This episode also includes a storyline about a sick boy.

12mins 25secs – Oh, here’s something worth noting: Jonny has entered Questworld, and once again 3D animation is being used to reflect the virtual realm. I guess that the animation change in Without a Trace was a one-off, and Questworld will continue to be depicted the same way it has been since Season One.

14mins – The monster in this episode is being channelled by the tribe. Apparently, it’s a psychic thing… or something.

*Shrugs shoulders*

18mins 30secs – Jonny vs. the monster… in Questworld!

20mins 30secs – The monster has been dealt with, the loggers have stopped logging, and the local tribespeople seem content. Oh, and the sick boy is fine.

*Presses stop*

Another perfectly acceptable episode of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest – which is becoming the default comment for this show, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The first season of the show was fairly up and down, but this season continues to remain evenly balanced, producing perfectly serviceable stories – like this one.

OK, so Dark Sentinel has a little too much Questworld in it for my liking, but the virtual scenes were passable. Ultimately, it was another watchable episode.



Episode Forty-Two – Other Space

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

1min 30secs – Team Quest are in the bayou in New Orleans.

2mins 20secs – The team are being taken to a top secret Government base, but they don’t know why.

3mins 30secs – This episode includes one of Race’s old flames. Yes, another one.

4mins – The truth behind the top secret base is starting to come out.

The Government have used a dimensional gateway (which looks like something out of Stargate) to open up a portal to another dimension. Team Quest have been called to the secret base to offer any expert knowledge they might have.

5mins 35secs – The dimensional gate has brought three strange aliens into the Government base.

6mins 35secs – Scratch that – it’s six aliens now.

8mins 30secs – Dr. Quest has been sent through the dimensional gate.

9mins 20secs – More beings are travelling through the portal.  

10mins – You know, I remember next-to nothing about this episode from when I watched it originally. I’m starting to think I either didn’t see this episode, or like most episodes from Season Two I only saw it the once.

11mins – Jonny and Jessie are heading through the gateway in search of Dr. Quest. Oh, and they are using hoverboards! Hurrah!

You will recall, that I got very excited when Jonny used a hoverboard in the episode, Eclipse. I’m even more excited now, as there are multiple hoverboards!                                                                                                                       

14mins – The stakes have been raised! If Jonny and Jessie don’t find Dr. Quest, and the team don’t send these aliens back to their own dimension in the next ten minutes, the world is doomed.

18mins – Having brought Dr. Quest back to his own dimension, the good doctor manages to disable the dimensional link and save the day. The Earth is safe. Yay!

*Presses stop*

Other Space is a fun episode, with some imaginative visuals, some of which take influence from the work of comic book artist, Jack Kirby. The sci-fi element is cranked up high, and it is great to see the return of the hoverboards.  

I would have liked to have seen more from the ‘end of the world’ scenario – perhaps a little more peril – but I’m OK with what was served up. Good stuff.


Episode Forty-Three – Digital Doublecross

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

1min 25secs – Yes! The hoverboards are back!

2mins – Well, the hoverboards were back. Jonny and Jessie are now playing a game in Questworld. This excites me a lot less.

3mins 50secs – Jeremiah Surd is also back, and (not surprisingly) he has taken over Questworld. He’s making Jonny and Jessie battle evil doppelgangers in the virtual realm.

4mins 45secs – Oh… wait, this isn’t Surd; but rather a computer virus that Surd inserting into Questworld some time ago. The real Surd is still in prison – doing time for kidnapping the US President in the episode, Without a Trace. Nice bit of continuity.

6mins – Jeez, is this episode going to be set in Questworld?

10mins – Yeah, lots of Questworld stuff *yawn*. Jonny and Jessie are working their way through Surd’s corrupt computer program.

11mins 30secs – With Jonny and Jessie in serious danger in Questworld, back in the real world, Race is visiting Surd in prison, in the hope he can get an abort code to close the computer programme.

I don’t know why Race is bothering, as Surd never gives up information voluntarily. And even when he does, he usually gives out misinformation.

13mins – Oh, Race knows that Surd won’t give up the abort code, so he is working on a back-up plan. He is breaking Surd out of prison; offering him freedom in exchange for assistance.

Suddenly, things have got waaaaaay more interesting.

15mins – Race and Surd are escaping in a helicopter, while being chased by the authorities.

17mins – Ah… the prison breakout is all part of a grand plan. Race has given Surd a taste of freedom, and has managed to trick him into giving up a code to defeat the computer programme, but it is all a ruse. I bet the prison guards are in on it.

20mins – Yep, Race was working with the prison warden to obtain the information he needed. Surd is heading back to jail!

20mins 45secs – Jonny and Jessie have escaped Questworld, and are back on their hoverboards. All is right with the world again.

*Presses stop*

All the scenes in Questworld bored the life out of me, but the rest of the episode worked well. The subplot with Race (temporarily) freeing Surd added some excitement, and it was all nicely executed.

However, I still have one very big criticism. Why does Dr. Quest not pull the plug on Questworld for good?

Questworld continues to be an extremely dangerous place, which Surd has corrupted many times. It is beyond madness to keep using this system, so I really don’t get why Dr. Quest or Race would allow their children to use this technology!

Switch it off, unplug the cord, and walk away. PLEASE!


Episode Forty-Four – Thoughtscape

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

3mins – Well, this episode is off to a good start. Jessie has just tried to murder Team Quest, by blowing them up with a bomb!

3mins 45secs – The bomb didn’t work, so murder attempt number 2 sees Jessie attempt to mow everyone down using the Quest campervan.

4mins 15secs – Yeah, that didn’t work either.

4mins 45secs – Jessie has been brainwashed.

5mins – Jeremiah Surd is behind all this. Surd has somehow managed to brainwash Jessie, and he has instructed her to kill Team Quest.

6mins – You know… I don’t remember Surd being in many more episodes, so this could be his final episode.

7mins – Using Questworld, Dr. Quest and Jonny have entered Jessie’s mind.

I must note, that Questworld is initially depicted in 3D, but then changes to 2D. This has to be another cost cutting decision… and it’s a bad one. Either use 3D or use 2D – not both!

8mins 45secs – Hang on a minute, how is Surd in Questworld? He went back to prison in the previous episode. Are we just ignoring this?

9mins 45secs – Yep, apparently we are ignoring the events of the previous episode, Digital Doublecross, because Surd is no longer in prison and he’s back to terrorising Team Quest, because he clearly has nothing else to do.

But now I’m confused. When is this episode set? Am I to presume that this episode takes place before the events of Digital Doublecross and Without a Trace?

*Looks puzzled*


12mins 30secs – Trapped in Questworld, Surd is making Dr. Quest and Jonny face their worst nightmares.

In Jonny’s nightmare scenario he has come to believe that he is a disappointment to his father. In Dr. Quest’s scenario, he fears that one day he will fail Team Quest and this will get his family killed.

15mins 30secs – Despite all the weird stuff regarding the setting, as well as the look/design of Questworld (which has entered a new level of awful), this episode is shaping up quite well. Yes, Surd is up to his same old tricks, but I really like all this nightmare scenario stuff. Very dark, very interesting – it’s good.

17mins – Dr. Quest vs. Surd!

18mins 45secs – Jessie has gained control of her own mindscape, and is attempting to rescue Dr. Quest and Jonny from Questworld.

20mins 45secs – Hurrah! Surd has been defeated for the final time… as The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest takes a very dark turn.

After regaining control of her mind, Jessie traps Surd’s mind in Questworld. She then disables his access to the virtual realm.

Surd is now forever trapped in Questworld, but unable to do anything. Jessie knew exactly what she was doing, and chose to do this to Surd as punishment for mistreating her family. Wow! Just, wow!

*Presses stop*

I’ll get the negatives out of the way first.

1) The change in animation style (again) for Questworld bugged me, and I really don’t get what is going on with this. I don’t like the 3D animation used in most episodes, but I also don’t like this switch between 3D to 2D, or the visual effect that is being utilised. It just looks naff.

2) It is unclear when this episode is set, and this is very, very confusing. Surd should still be in prison, but based on how this episode concludes, events are still taking place in chronological order, making this Surd’s final appearance. But if this is Surd’s final appearance, then I want the episode to make this very clear, so that I can feel something about him finally leaving the show!

OK, those were the negatives. On a more positive note, I liked the story, I really liked the scenes with Dr. Quest and Jonny coming face-to-face with their greatest fears, and I loved the ending.

I’ve always liked Jessie as a character, but this episode has just elevated her status. The way she dealt out Surd’s punishment, without giving it a second thought, was brutal and really added an interesting element to her place within the Quest family.

I’m also very happy that Surd has left the show. Over the past two seasons he has outstayed his welcome and has become rather boring to watch. Writing him out of the show gives The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest the opportunity to move beyond his repetitive style of villainy.

Overall, a good episode. It would be a great episode, if not for the problems I already flagged, but a good episode nonetheless.



Episode Forty-Five – The Bangalore Falcon

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

1min – Back to Bangalore – Hadji’s birth home.

1min 30secs – And with a trip back to Bangalore, comes a return from Pasha the Peddler.

3mins – If you haven’t guessed from the title, this episode is about a falcon. A rare falcon.

6mins 30secs – Hadji, Jonny, Jessie and Pasha have saved the falcon from harm.

8mins – The bird is said to belong to some mythical (or possibly mystical) land.

8mins 30secs – Now this is interesting. There’s a hint that Jessie has romantic feelings for Hadji. This is something which has not been touched on before. I wonder if it will ever be referenced again? I certainly don’t remember it being a big thing in the series, so I shall have to wait and see.

10mins – No time to worry about romance – someone has stolen the bird!

13mins 30secs – Having gone in search of the missing falcon, Jonny, Jessie and Hadji have arrived in the mythical city of Shambala.

14mins 25secs – Oh… this episode features Dr. Zin!

I guess with Surd no longer the big villain of the series, it makes sense to bring Zin back. And if I remember correctly, Zin pops up in a few more episodes before the end of the season.

18mins 30secs – The Quest trio have found the bird, have discovered Shambala, have encountered Zin and his twin daughters, and are now heading home.

*Presses stop*

It took me a while to get into this episode, but once it passed the mid-way point, things started to pick up. It was great to see Zin back, even if it was only briefly, and good to see his family expanded through the introduction of his (evil) daughters.


Episode Forty-Six – Diamonds and Jade

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

3mins – Jonny, Jessie, and Race are off to Djakarta, to meet up with Jezebel Jade.

4mins – Jade is another classic character who is being reintroduced into The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. She is also a character who has a history with Race (like everyone else).

4mins 45secs – Jessie is not a fan of Jade.

7mins 30secs – This episode has something to do with a missing gem and some very creepy shadow puppets. I don’t think I have ever watched this episode – it certainly doesn’t seem familiar.

12mins – A shadow puppet attacks!

13mins 30secs – Yeah, I have never seen this episode before.

15mins – Jessie has just told Jade that she’s not good enough for Race. Jessie is very protective of her father and the Quest family.

It feels like more effort is being put into developing Jessie’s character, and this is a great thing. She is getting a lot more depth and is easily one of my favourite characters in the show.

17mins 30secs – Two shadow puppets attack!

19mins 30secs – The shadow puppets have been defeated, Jade has the missing gem, and Jessie and Jade have made peace with each other.

*Presses stop*

I really don’t remember this episode from the ‘90s, so I’m pretty confident I missed it the first time around. As a first time watch I found it enjoyable, and I really liked the shadow puppet monsters.

Jessie continues to develop as a character, and with the reintroduction of Jezebel Jade, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest moves even further away from Season One, and closer to the classic era of Jonny Quest. All in all, the show continues to deliver.



Episode Forty-Seven – The Edge of Yesterday

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

2mins 30secs – Ezekiel Rage is back – and he looks creepier than ever.

2mins 45secs – As usual, Rage has a plan to destroy the world. This time it involves setting off a bomb in the Earth’s crust!

3mins – Hmm… I don’t believe Rage is any more episodes after this one, so The Edge of Yesterday is both his reintroduction and his final appearance in the show. Shame, I do like him as a villain.

6mins 30secs – Race and Dr. Quest are travelling to the site of the bomb, to see if they can help defuse it. But realising they may be too late, they call Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji for assistance.

7mins 30secs – Looking for a way to help, the teen trio have uncovered a secret pre-recorded computer message from Dr. Quest on the Quest computer. The message reveals that many years ago, Dr. Quest built a time portal, which he hoped would allow him to go back in time and save his wife from dying.

Ultimately, Dr. Quest chose not to use the time portal, as he believed it would be unacceptable to use the technology for personal gain. However, should the need arise to save the world, then he wants the tech to be used for the greater good.

So… this is a time travel episode.

9mins 25secs – Using Dr. Quest’s time portal, Jonny and Jessie travel back through time. First stop, the Jurassic era!

13mins 30secs – The time travelling is not working. Jonny and Jessie have been flung through time, but not to where they need to be.

14mins 15secs – After two failed attempts, Jonny and Jessie arrive in the recent past and intercept Rage before he can plant the bomb.

15mins 30secs – Having now stolen the bomb, Jonny and Jessie travel back through the time portal, only to be followed by Rage.

17mins 15secs – Rage recovers the bomb and heads back through the portal; but ends up in the Jurassic era.

18mins – Boooooooooooooooom!

18mins 15secs – The bomb has detonated, but 65 million years ago. The present/future has been saved, while Rage is long since dead in the past.

*Presses stop*

A fun episode, and a neat way to write Ezekiel Rage out of the show. Sure, it feels a bit odd bringing Rage back for one episode, just to kill him off, but I guess there wasn’t a lot of love for Rage behind the scenes.

And with both Surd and Rage now dead, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest cuts ties with the recurring villains from Season One. The show is moving on. Now if only it could abandon Questworld.


Episode Forty-Eight – The Haunted Sonata

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

1min 45secs – Jonny and Jessie are in Prague.

8mins 30secs – Exploring some underground catacombs, the duo discovers a ghostly piano.

9mins 30secs – Jonny and Jessie have also found part of a lost sonata.

10mins – I’m half-way through this episode and I’m bored.

13mins – The newly discovered ‘lost’ sonata might be a fake.  

15mins – This episode is essentially a murder mystery involving two composers, a sonata and a ghost. It’s not very interesting.

*Presses stop*

A dull episode. The murder mystery was quite boring and as you can probably tell, I struggled to find anything noteworthy about The Haunted Sonata.



Episode Forty-Nine – General Winter

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

2mins 30secs – An action-packed opening, involving a submarine, a group of terrorists, and… the return of General Vostok (last seen in Rock of Rages).

4mins – Vostock has stolen a submarine.

6mins 30secs – A quick cameo from the Aurora Borealis.

8mins 30secs – Vostock wants revenge against Team Quest, after they foiled his previous attempt to grab power with the Golem.

9mins 30secs – This is a really good episode, by the way. Vostock is a deadly threat, and I’m getting a G.I. Joe/Cobra vibe from this story. I like it.

11mins – Vostock’s men have captured Team Quest.

12mins 30secs – The crux of this story is that Vostock doesn’t just want to kill Team Quest, he also wants Dr. Quest to build an ice weapon so he can terrorise the world. I’m now getting Batman/Mr. Freeze vibes, and I’m still very happy about this.

15mins 30secs – Dr. Quest has made a freeze-emitting device, but not the one that Vostock wanted. He is using it to make his escape. Meanwhile, Race is engaged in combat with Vostock.

18mins – A grand showdown now, with Vostock in the stolen submarine vs. Team Quest in another sub.

19mins – I think Vostock is dead.

20mins – Nah, Vostock and his men aren’t dead, they are just trapped in ice.

20mins 10secs – The episode concludes with a Mission: Impossible spoof-sequence, set in Questworld. Another one of the many random Questworld scenes tagged onto the end of episodes. It’s out of place, and I’m going to try to ignore it.

*Presses stop*

Ignoring the Questworld rubbish at the end, General Winter was a fab episode. It was action-packed from start to finish and I really enjoyed it.

General Vostock is a good villain. I don’t believe he makes another appearance before the end of the series, but had this show returned for a third season, I would have liked to see his return.


Episode Fifty – Night of the Zinja

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

1min 20secs – Dr. Zin is back, and it appears as if he is dying. I think.

2mins – Oh, did Zin just die? This can’t be his last episode, can it? I honestly can’t remember.

3mins 30secs – This story is about a robot ninja.

4mins 15secs – Cool action scene alert! Jonny is chasing after a robot ninja who is riding a motorbike. Jonny is able to keep up with the bike-riding robot, thanks to some high-tech boot/leg things designed by Dr. Quest. This technology is allowing him to run really fast! This is so cool.

6mins 50secs – It gets even cooler. The chase scene is still going on, and now Race is using some funky grappling gloves (that kind of look like claws) to cling onto a train! I LOVE ALL OF THIS!!!

8mins 30secs – The robot is connected to Zin – or rather, to Zin’s daughters, who have taken over the family business in Zin’s absence.

9mins 30secs – The chase scene is finally over. Wow. The robot ninja is destroyed. I’m exhausted.

13mins – Disguised as the deactivated robot ninja (or ‘Zinja’, as it is being called), Race has infiltrated Zin HQ. Meanwhile, another Zinja has been sent on a mission to kill the Japanese Prime Minister and the US President. Oh, and this robot ninja is disguised as Race! This could get confusing.

17mins 45secs – Jonny has managed to save the elected officials! Confusion avoided.

18mins 30secs – Big reveal: Zin is not dead! He faked his death to test his daughters’ abilities. He wanted to see how well they would act if he was really gone.

19mins 10secs – Oh, wait, it’s a double fake-out! The Zin that just showed up was another robot.

20mins – So… is Zin really dead? I’m confused.

*Presses stop*

From start-to-finish, the action never lets up in Night of the Zinja, resulting in a tour de force of adventure. The Zinjas are like Terminators, making them fierce and deadly, and Jonny’s ability to run extremely fast (thanks to Quest technology) is so much fun.

Still not quite sure what happened with Zin. His fate is left ambiguous. He might be dead; he might be alive – I have no idea!


Episode Fifty-One – The Robot Spies

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

3mins – The Quest Compound has been burnt to the ground.

3mins 45secs – This is another Zin episode. Maybe now I will find out if he is still alive.

4mins 20secs – Jonny, Jessie, and Jessie’s mum have been kidnapped by Dr. Zin’s robots.

5mins – Oh, Jezebel Jade is in this episode too. This is starting to feel like a season finale.

Hmm… is this going to be like Season One, where I feel like I’m watching the end of the season before I actually reach the end of the season?! Does this mean the next episode will be a little underwhelming? Hmm… I hope not.

8mins – Dr. Quest, Race, and Jade are trying to find the missing Quest family members.

11mins 50secs – Zin has popped up on screen, which means either he didn’t die in the previous episode, or this episode appears out of order. I like to think that he didn’t die.

14mins 20secs – Dr. Quest vs Zin! This definitely feels like a season finale.

17mins – It looks like Dr. Quest might die! Of course, he won’t – but it does look that way.

18mins – Yeah, he didn’t die. Although Zin’s fate is left up in the air again.

*Presses stop*

Another good episode, and another story filled with action. Zin only appeared briefly, but thanks to his spider-robots appearing throughout, it felt as if he was present for the whole story.

I am convinced this was supposed to be the season finale, but I guess it wasn’t. So, that just leaves me one episode to go…



Episode Fifty-Two – More Than Zero

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

1min – For this final story, Team Quest (minus Jessie) are in Venice, Italy.

2mins – The Quest clan have been invited to a supposedly haunted mansion, to see if the stories about paranormal activity are true.

3mins – Yeah, this definitely doesn’t feel like a season finale, but thanks to the haunted house angle, it does feel like a traditional Jonny Quest episode. The previous episode must have been written as the show’s big send-off then.

6mins 45secs – The house is most certainly haunted.

8mins – Hadji has been transported to the supernatural realm.

9mins 20secs – One final trip into Questworld. This is something I could have done without, but hey ho, I guess I might as well relive Questworld one final time before I say goodbye to this show.

13mins – This is essentially a haunted house story. It’s fine. It’s nothing special, but it’s fine.

18mins – Not much to say. The animation is cool and there are some gruesome visuals. That’s about it.

*Presses stop*

More Than Zero isn’t the show stopper The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest deserved, but it’s also not awful. And more importantly, this show has already delivered some great episodes leading up to this point, so I am more than happy with leaving things here.

As noted above, I could have done without the inclusion of Questworld for this episode, but I guess the writers of this whole series have it written in their contracts (and possibly in blood) that they must include Questworld in here somewhere, which is why the virtual realm pops up so frequently.

*Shrugs shoulders*

OK, so with these 13 episodes finished, I have now concluded my 52-episode re-watch of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, and despite some rubbish stories here and there, I have largely enjoyed what this show had to offer. Both seasons delivered plenty of entertainment, but it was the second season which worked the best.

Season One attempted to ground Jonny Quest in reality, and while I appreciated what it was attempting to do, it never quite found its groove. It also didn’t help that Season One suffered from inconsistent animation, and at times some very poor stories.

From the moment Season Two began, it became clear that the show was moving in a slightly different (and better) direction. As the season progressed, it was drawing more from the Jonny Quest cartoons of yesteryear, and taking stories down a more fantastical path.

The animation of Season Two was also much, much better. It was consistent throughout, looked great, and felt like a Hanna-Barbera show hitting its stride.

Season Two did feel a little constrained at times, having to utilise elements left over from Season One (Questworld, Jeremiah Surd etc), but the writers did the best they could to minimise this intrusion. Personally, I would have preferred it if Questworld was removed from the show completely during this second season, but I guess this was a big no-no.

Another plus point for Season Two was the handling of Jessie, who got a little more to do. As noted in my discussions above, her character really starts to develop in the second season and this is something which should be championed.

Of the two seasons, it is Season Two that I will return to the most, but I will also dip in and out of Season One. The first season had a few gems, so these shouldn’t be overlooked.

Overall, I have had fun revisiting this show. I think it’s a shame that it didn’t run for a third season, as I think with a little more freedom, and some distance from some of the elements that didn’t work, a third season could have been the best yet.

Ah well. It was good during the ‘90s, and just as good this time around.



Thank you for stopping by It’s A Stampede! to read this post about The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. If you liked the show back in ‘96/’97, but you haven’t watched it for a while, I hope my posts have encouraged you to give it another go.

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest is a truly fun and unique action-adventure show, which at times borders on being a mini X-Files. It sometimes gets overlooked by other high-profile ‘90s cartoons, and it perhaps tried a little too hard during its first season, but it is certainly a good ol’ slice of Hanna-Barbera gold that should not be forgotten.

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