Welcome to Part 3 of a four-part re-watch/discussion of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. If you have skipped Parts 1 & 2, I’ll try not to hold a grudge, but be sure to go back and give these posts a read before moving forward, as they cover the first 26 episodes of the show!

In this post I am focusing on episodes 27 to 39 of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. I am watching each episode in turn, and discussing them in real-time.

The 13 episodes covered in this post form the first half of the show’s second season.



The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

Episode Twenty-Seven – The Mummies of Malenque

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

30secs – The great news is that the opening credits remain the same for Season Two of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. This pleases me greatly, as they are still awesome!

1min – Off to South America for this season opener.

2mins 30secs – I am LOVING the animation in this episode. It looks like the same animation style used in Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island (1998) – which is a bloomin’ great Scooby-Doo movie!

3mins 30secs – Something important to note – Race Bannon is no longer voiced by Robert Patrick.Robert Foxworth has taken over the part.

5mins – Early observation: The character designs have been tweaked here and there. Not drastically, but there are differences to the overall look of the characters from how they appeared in Season One. I like it.

5mins 40secs – So, the reason that Team Quest is in South America is to pick up Jessie, who has been spending a couple of weeks away with her mother.

6mins – It’s not just Race who has a new voice – all of the characters have new voices. And if I remember correctly, this had something to do with Hanna-Barbera buying out the previous actors’ contracts. Not entirely sure why; presumably as part of a slight revamp of the show.

8mins – This episode is called The Mummies of Malenque. I’ve yet to see a mummy, but I remain hopeful.

9mins – With regard to the voice cast, Hadji is now voiced by legendary voice actor, Rob Paulsen – the same actor behind Pinky, Raphael, Yakko Warner, and many, many other characters. If this show was made today, I doubt Paulsen would be given this role, and it would go to a voice actor who is of Hadji’s ethnicity.

10mins 50secs – Mummies!

11mins – Jessie, Jonny, and Hadji are investigating a cave and have come across what appears to be a burial chamber containing mummies.

13mins 30secs – The plot of this episode involves a descendant of the Malenque tribe using the bodies of his ancestors (aka the mummies) to recreate a long-lost plague. He is a biochemist and he plans to use the plague to take over the world.

16mins – Jessie has become infected by this new plague.

17mins 30secs – With Robert Foxworth voicing Race, it would appear as if Race has stopped uttering those really bizarre phrases that he constant said during Season One.

18mins 30secs – Oh dear, the mummies have come to life!

19mins – The Malenque tribe was initially wiped out because of a plague, but it was self-inflicted. The spirits of the tribe have (temporarily) returned, so they can stop their ancestor from using the same plague for evil.

20mins – Team Quest have saved Jessie!

*Presses stop*

I thoroughly enjoyed The Mummies of Malenque. It was a superb Season Two opener, which boasted strong animation, a solid plot, and some creepy visuals.

The show also appears to be taking a step back towards more classic era of Jonny Quest. I have no problem with this.

You know, I had forgotten how Season One and Two differ, but with this episode I can already feel a shift in tone. If I remember correctly, this season had a different creative team, which is why there is a change in direction, and a move to the more supernatural.

A great start! Now it is time for the next episode…



Episode Twenty-Eight – Rock of Rages

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

2mins 30secs – This episode is about the Golem – a monster from Jewish folklore.

5mins – Team Quest are investigating an ancient artefact in the Czech Republic. 

9mins – The story is about an ex-KGB agent called General Vostok, who is trying to take control of a golem.

11mins – Following on from the previous episode, the animation on display here is very good. Season One was filled with inconsistent animation, but it looks like The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest has corrected this problem for Season Two.

12mins – General Vostok had gained control of the Golem… but now appears to have lost control.

12mins 45secs – Scratch that, he has the Golem under his control once more.

17mins – This episode looks so cool. The story is decent, but it’s the visuals which are really working here.

18mins 45secs – The Golem is being ordered to destroy the President of the Czech Republic.

19mins – Jonny vs. The Golem!

19mins 20secs – Jonny wins.

*Presses stop*

The story is not one I would rush back to, but the animation made it fun. The Golem was suitably menacing, and this led to plenty of action.

This might seem odd to say, but this season of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest appears to be a little bit more ‘cartoony’ than the previous season, and this is a very good thing. The first season seemed to be constantly wrestling with its identity, trying to be too realistic for its own good, but two episodes into Season Two and the show has fully embraced being a cartoon.

It’s also worth noting that (so far) Questworld has been pushed into the background. With the exception of a couple of 30 second scenes to round out each episode (which feel tacked on), Questworld is no longer a big focus of the show.



Episode Twenty-Nine – Bloodlines

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

2mins – Hadji is using Quest tech to unlock forgotten memories.

2mins 30secs – In his mind, Hadji sees a vision of Pasha the Peddler trying to kill him when he was young.

4mins – Worried about what this vision/memory means, Hadji calls Pasha on the telephone, only to discover that Pasha might be in trouble.

For those unfamiliar with Jonny Quest, Pasha is an old character who has been brought back for this series.

6mins – Team Quest (minus Dr. Quest) have travelled to Calcutta to investigate, only to find a disturbance at Pasha’s home. It appears as if he has been kidnapped.

9mins – Team Quest are following a lead and are heading to Bangalore.

13mins 30secs – This episode is all about exploring Hadji’s heritage.

14mins – The vision/memory of Pasha attempting to kill Hadji is true, but there was a little more to the story.

Hadji’s uncle wanted to kill Hadji when he was a child, to stop him from growing up to become the Sultan of Bangalore. Pasha was hired to assassinate Hadji, but he couldn’t go through with it, and instead they both fled.

Pasha raised Hadji, and kept him safe until he was adopted by Dr. Quest.

14mins 45secs – Hadji has just discovered that his mother is still alive.

19mins – Hadji’s (evil) cousin was responsible for kidnapping Pasha. It was all a plot to kill off Hadji… but it failed.

20mins – Hadji’s cousin is dead, meaning Hadji is the new sultan. But this is not a role he wants to take on (not yet, anyway), so for now, his mother will rule.

*Presses stop*

Another good episode, and another step back towards the classic era of Jonny Quest. It was fun to see some of Hadji’s backstory explored, and as with the previous episodes, the animation looked fab!

Three episodes in and this season feels very different to the previous one. It’s almost as if they are two different shows.


Episode Thirty – Race Against Danger

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

3mins – Team Quest (minus Jessie) are watching a military demonstration, involving a special obstacle course. The course makes use of holographic technology to alter the terrain.

5mins – Race is a little concerned that in the wrong hands this technology could be used for evil. Speaking of which…

5misn 35secs – This whole military demonstration has been a lie. Team Quest have been duped by one of Race’s old enemies, Lucius Creed. He has lured the team to a secluded location for nefarious purposes.

5mins 40secs – Having knocked out Team Quest, Race and Jonny awake to find themselves chained together.

10mins – Creed has stolen the holographic technology, but before he can sell it on, he needs to provide potential buyers with a good demonstration. He has chained Race and Jonny together and he wants them to run through a holographic obstacle course, to prove how effective it is.

11mins – This whole episode is clearly influenced by Richard Connell’s short story, The Most Dangerous Game – and I love it!

14mins 30secs – While Race and Jonny work their way through the obstacle course, Hadji and Dr. Quest attempt an escape from a prison cell, where they are being held.

17mins – Dr. Quest has managed to tap into the holographic technology to trick Creed into believing the obstacle course is still in play. In reality, Jonny and Race are already free.

17mins 30secs – Oh… a twist. Creed isn’t the villain. The real villain is one of Race’s old pals – a former best friend who has gone a little crazy.

*Presses stop*

Race Against Danger is a fun episode, with some great imagery. The plot is very simple, but works well and maintains momentum throughout.

On a side note, four episodes along and it is very clear that Questworld – Team Quest’s VR tech that was such a huge part of Season One – is being phased out. Do I mind? Heck, no! Questworld is one of the weakest parts of Season One, so I am glad that it is being dumped from this show.


Episode Thirty-One – The Dark Mountain

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

3mins – A Yeti/ape-man has broken into the Quest Compound.

5mins 30secs – Ah, OK, so this is an episode about Big Foot. A couple of hunters are on Big Foot’s trail, which has led them to cross paths with Team Quest.

7mins – Not quite feeling this episode (yet). Perhaps this is because The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest has already covered the missing link (AMOK) and yetis (Expedition to Khumbu) in Season One, so this feels like similar territory.

12mins – Team Quest are searching for Big Foot. Jonny and Jessie have discovered a baby Big Foot (not-so Big Foot?), while Dr. Quest, Hadji and Race have found a whole group of Big Foots.

16mins – So… this isn’t an episode about Big Foot, it’s actually about aliens disguised as Big Foot.

18mins – Many years ago, aliens crash landed on Earth, disguised themselves as ape-creatures and have found themselves hunted ever since. OK.

*Presses stop*

Not bad, but nowhere near as interesting as the episodes that preceded it; The Dark Mountain is a so-so story which combines the legend of Big Foot with extra-terrestrials. Nice idea, just not quite exciting enough to hold my attention.



Episode Thirty-Two – Cyberswitch

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

3mins 30secs – Race is teaching Jonny to drive. This won’t end well.

4mins 35secs – The car has been attacked by one of Jeremiah Surd’s armed helicopters. Yep, Surd is back!

5mins – Question: Where does Surd get his money from? He appears to have a never-ending supply of high-tech equipment, but no clear source of income. How is he doing it?!

7mins 25secs – Surd has had a redesign, as have his lackies.

8mins 20secs – And with Surd back it means Questworld is back too. Booooooo!

8mins 50secs – Having kidnapped Race and Jonny, Surd logs his prisoners into Questworld, before attacking Race in the virtual realm.

9mins 50secs – Surd is using Questworld to switch bodies with Race.

13mins – Surd (in Race’s body) is trying to infiltrate the Quest Compound.

14mins – I love the fact that the writers brought Surd back, then put him in Race’s body so that he is barely in the episode! Clearly there’s not a lot of love for Surd in the writers’ room.

16mins 50secs – Surd’s plan has failed (as it always does) and Dr. Quest has managed to reverse the body swap.

18mins 15secs – Time for a second attempt, this time using Jonny’s body.

18mins 35secs – Surd and Jonny enter Questworld.

20mins 30secs – Surd failed AGAIN – and has been arrested.

*Presses stop*

Once again, not a terrible episode, but there is nothing particularly exciting about Cyberswitch. In fact, it’s probably the opposite, as the episode brings back two elements of Season One that outstayed their welcome: Questworld and Jeremiah Surd.

If I remember correctly, Surd only makes a few more appearance in the series, and Questworld is largely kept to fleeting glimpses, so it is perhaps best not to dwell on these things. The episode was fine, but nothing special.

Moving on…



Episode Thirty-Three – Undersea Urgency

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

2mins 35secs – Jonny, Jessie and Dr. Quest are being given a grand tour of Verne Research – a huge undersea facility.

3mins – Dr. Quest has been sent to the facility by the US Government, to ensure it is all up to standard and no money is being wasted.

4mins 45secs – Oh dear, trouble!

5mins 30secs – An Earthquake has split the ground beneath Verne Research, causing damage to the facility. The Earthquake has also released some strange, piranha-like sea creatures.

5mins 50secs – Jeez! The sea creatures have just eaten some of the facility staff. Brutal.

9mins – Jonny and Jessie are trapped in one half of Verne Research (with the sea creatures), while Dr. Quest and the facility staff are trapped in the other half.

10mins – This episode is like a horror movie. Awesome!

11mins 30secs – The creatures have spread out and are now attacking both halves of the facility. This is tense stuff!

13mins – Now this is interesting. Throughout this whole situation, Jessie has been experiencing panic attacks. Ordinarily, the characters in The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest shrug off deadly encounters, but not on this occasion.

Jessie suffering from panic attacks (and claustrophobia) is not only making her character more human, and therefore more relatable, it is also making this situation more believable. I expect Jonny, Jessie and Dr. Quest to walk away from this episode without any major problems, but this is all adding to the tension.

19mins 30secs – Jonny and Jessie have evaded the creatures and have found a sub. They are mounting a rescue. Hurrah!

*Presses stop*

Undersea Urgency is a fantastic episode, filled with plenty of suspense and a real sense of danger. Separating Jonny and Jessie from Dr. Quest was a great way to inject some excitement, but putting the team under the ocean, cut off from outside communication was the icing on the cake.

Although Undersea Urgency is only 20-minutes long, it feels like a mini-movie – similar to the Poseidon Adventure (1972) or Deep Blue Sea (1999). It is a true highlight of this season.


Episode Thirty-Four – Nemesis

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

1min – This episode is set in Malaysia… and if I remember correctly, it re-introduces an old villain from the Jonny Quest mythology.

6mins – Dr. Quest and Race are overseeing the launch of a new satellite. But the operation has been hijacked by terrorists.

6mins 30secs – The terrorist group works for Dr. Zin!

Dr. Zin is a classic villain who was missing from the first season of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, but has been included in this season as yet another example of the show moving back towards the past.

9mins – With Zin in control of the satellite (which is now being used as a weapon), he threatens the safety of the world.

10mins – To prove he means business, Zin has just destroyed an Air Force base, and has decapitated the Statue of Liberty!

10mins 30secs – In just ten minutes, Zin has demonstrated that he is a far superior villain than Jeremiah Surd.

16mins 30secs – This is a very action-orientated episode.

18mins 50secs – Dr. Quest has taken back control of the satellite. Zin has fled.

*Presses stop*

Not an amazing episode, but another perfectly fine story. The best thing about Nemesis is the inclusion of Dr. Zin, who brings some much-needed menace to the recurring bad guy role.

This second season continues to provide consistency and fairly solid entertainment. Having Zin back now gives the show the opportunity to have a strong regular villain too (sorry, Surd).


Episode Thirty-Five – DNA Doomsday

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

2mins – Well, I’m two minutes in and I can already see how this episode is going to go. Two scientists have built a ‘DNA computer’ in a laboratory on an army base. This is a computer that is both mechanical and biological. This is clearly going to end badly, isn’t it?

5mins – Yep, things aren’t looking good. The computer has attacked its creators.

6mins – Oh, and what’s this? A nuclear missile is housed at the base. So, the computer will try and launch the nuke then.

8mins – The computer has escaped from the laboratory.

9mins 30secs – While Dr. Quest, Jonny, and Hadji are trying to uncover information about the computer, Race is hot on its heels.

12mins – This episode is so-so. The plot feels like it has been ripped straight from a ‘50s B-movie, which is fine, but nothing amazing.

14mins 30secs – The DNA computer has incapacitated Dr. Quest, leaving Race, Jonny and Hadji to stop the rogue computer from launching the nuke.

*Presses stop*

DNA Doomsday was fine, but nothing amazing. The show continues to deliver, but this episode didn’t hold my attention as much as some of the others in this post, and I really don’t recall it from when it aired in the ‘90s.



Episode Thirty-Six – Ghost Quest

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

1min – Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji are taking the Questor II out for its maiden voyage. Their destination is Nova Scotia.

3mins – Nova Scotia is going to have to wait. Mid-route, the gang have sailed into some eerie fog.

4mins – Based on the title of this episode, I’m presuming this is a ghost story.

5mins – The Questor II has docked along the coast of a mysterious island.

7mins – I’m getting serious Scooby-Doo vibes, as Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji are invited to stay on the island by a well-presented, but clearly evil man.

10mins – The story here is about Team Quest investigating strange phenomena at an old manor house on an island.

12mins – It is fair to say this episode is suitably creepy. This episode would play well at Halloween.

16mins – Jonny and Jessie are possessed by the spirits of two dead lovers. While under the influence of the ghosts, Jonny and Jessie kiss.

18mins – Having reunited the ghostly lovers, Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji head back to the Questor II and leave the island.

20mins – The episode appears to have run a little short, so to finish things off there are TWO(!!) clips talking about Questworld. These are recycled pieces of footage that have been used a number of times in previous episodes.

*Presses stop*

Another solid instalment, with no major complaints from me. The Questworld stuff at the end was tacked on to round out the running time, but as it is now very clear the production team no longer care about Questworld, I’m fine to let it slide.


Episode Thirty-Seven – Nuclear Netherworld

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

1min 20secs – Off to New Mexico for this adventure, and the location of an eco dome.

4mins 45secs – While some crazy (EVIL) stuff is going on with the eco dome, Jonny and Hadji are busy working on their grandpa’s ranch.

7mins 45secs – Oh, now Jonny, Hadji, and Grandpa Doug have got mixed up with some evil plot involving the dome. I swear the Quest family go looking for trouble!

10mins – Ed Asner is providing the voice of the villain in this episode.

13mins – Nuclear Netherworld is about a Bond-style bad guy dealing in uranium. In short: He has got a uranium processing plant hidden in an eco dome, which Jonny, Hadji and Grandpa Doug have uncovered. That’s pretty much it.

19mins – After a very extensive chase scene between heroes and villains, the Quest’s save the day. Oh, and the villain has been exposed to so much nuclear material that he is on the verge of death.

19mins 55secs – This episode is dedicated to Doug Wildey – the creator of the original Jonny Quest cartoon.

*Presses stop*

There is nothing paranormal or supernatural about Nuclear Netherworld; it is purely a story about a bad guy dealing in uranium. As such, it was another perfectly fine episode – nothing special, but entirely watchable… but not much to talk about.


Episode Thirty-Eight – Eclipse

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

1min 50secs – Is this another werewolf story?

2mins 30secs – Team Quest is in New Orleans.

3mins – There is a Gothic, creepy vibe about this episode. This looks like it could be a good one!

3mins 40secs – Hadji has saved a woman called Elise, from being attacked. I have a feeling she is either a werewolf, a vampire, or something in between.

6mins 40secs – Elise is clearly evil. Plus, she seems to be in her 30s, and she’s coming on to Hadji who is 16 (possibly 15).

8mins – Jonny has a hoverboard in this episode.

Two things:

1) This hoverboard should have been in every episode and should have become Jonny’s go-to mode of transport. Imagine how cool it would have been for a Jonny Quest action figure to come with a hoverboard!

2) I want a hoverboard! Imagine how cool it would be if I had a hoverboard!

10mins 15secs – OK, so Elise has the ability to hypnotise people. It is being heavily implied that she’s a vampire.

14mins – So, she’s not a vampire, she’s a demon and she intends to steal the youth/body of Jessie.

18mins – This is a great-looking episode by the way, and Jonny is rocking that hoverboard! This is making me want a hoverboard even more.

19mins 45secs – Jonny has saved the day, killing off Elise in dramatic style!

20mins 30secs – Oooohhh… Elise is not dead!

*Presses stop*

A real gem of an episode – Eclipse utilises fantastic, dark animation, and a deadly villain in Elise. I mentioned that the episode has a Gothic vibe and this remains throughout the story.

Everything ticks along at such a good pace and I am sure I will return to this episode again. Thumbs up for this one!

OK, almost done for today, just one episode to go…



Episode Thirty-Nine – Without a Trace

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

2mins 30secs – A dramatic scene to open to Without a Trace, as Air Force One has been hijacked!

3mins 25secs – Erm… no time to worry about Air Force One, because something more important has been brought to my attention.

Jonny and Jessie are in Questworld, but this is NOTHING like the Questworld that has featured across the previous 38 episodes. Instead of the CGI rubbish of the past, Questworld is now being represented in 2D animation – and it is a very significant, very obvious change.

As someone who has been critical of the dated 3D animation used in previous episodes, I should be pleased about this change, right? Well, sadly not. Instead of just using standard 2D animation, the animators have added a weird (and terrible) ripple effect over the Questworld scenes, making it look utter rubbish.

This new aesthetic is equally as bad as what has come before. Plus, this change comes way too late in the show to work!

I presume this alteration is purely for budget reasons, but why wasn’t this change made at the beginning of the season?! More importantly, why use the crappy ripple effect? Just use 2D animation! This looks appalling!


*Takes a deep breath*

6mins – Anyway… Race and Dr. Quest have been arrested by the US military. They believe that Team Quest are responsible for what happened to Air Force One.

8mins 50secs – So… Jeremiah Surd is the real villain of this tale. He has kidnapped the President of the United States, and has blamed it on the Quest family.

10mins – Oh, wow – Surd has logged the President into Questworld… which he has turned into a virtual nightmare. His plan is to mentally torment the Prez!

Jeez, things just went really, really dark. I did not expect this.

15mins – Surd has entered Questworld… Ugh… this animation looks so bad.

18mins – Surd vs. Jonny.

19mins 30secs – The President is safe. Surd has been defeated.

*Presses stop*

Putting aside the Questworld/2D ripple effect nonsense, Without a Trace is the best Jeremiah Surd episode since the character’s introduction at the beginning of Season One. His schemes have always been rubbish, but for once this one seemed like a credible threat.

This is not me saying Without a Trace is a great episode – because it’s not – but for once Surd seemed mildly interesting. At the bare minimum, this is how Surd should be, rather than mildly annoying.

If I remember correctly, Surd comes back for at least one more episode, but I really feel like this should have been his swansong. Kidnapping the President is a big deal, so this should have been the story that ended his run.

Ah, well.

Anyway, this is where I park this show for today. I’ve finished the first 13 episodes, and that puts me at the mid-point of Season Two of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest.

While I still have another 13 episodes to go, based on what I have watched so far, I believe this season to be stronger than its predecessor. The animation is more consistent, as are the stories, and it feels like there is more of a clear vision. I do miss a little bit of the realism of the first season, but I find this season a better watch overall.



Thank you for stopping by It’s A Stampede! to read this post about The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest – I have enjoyed working my way through the first half of Season Two. I have to say, I barely remembered any of the episodes from when I saw them during the ‘90s, so I guess I only saw Season Two once.

I look forward to picking up my re-watch of this show in due course, and the fourth and final part of this four-part blog series will be coming up shortly. In the meantime, be sure to check out the recommended posts below, for more Hanna-Barbera content.

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