In 1996, Hanna-Barbera Productions and Warner Bros. Television revived classic cartoon series, Jonny Quest for a new generation. The show – know called The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest – followed the story of a team of adventurers who embark on a series of expeditions, often touching up famous real-world events or paranormal phenomena.

Although Jonny Quest was the title character, the show, just like the JQ shows that preceded it, was still an ensemble piece. The focus remained on Team Quest (Jonny, Hadji, Jessie, Dr. Quest and Race), as they travelled to various towns, cities and countries, uncovering some of the greatest mysteries of the world.

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest ran for two seasons, airing between 1996 and 1997. Within this time, the show clocked up 52 episodes and was accompanied by a range of tie-in merchandise, including toys, books, trading cards and comics.

I first watched The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest when it made its UK debut on BBC 1 from September ’96. Back then, the show was broadcast on Friday nights and repeated on Saturday mornings.

Despite the weekly double-dose of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, I only managed to catch some episodes of the series. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I was able to watch the show in its entirety, via the UK version of Cartoon Network.

That was back during the tail-end of the 1990s, and bar the odd episode here and there, I haven’t revisited The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest since. However, I recently purchased digital copies of both seasons from Amazon Prime Video, so I could re-watch the series.

Over the next few days, I will be working my way through all 52 episodes of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest; talking about them in the process. In this post I will cover the first 13 episodes from Season One, then over three subsequent posts I will talk about the remaining episodes.

I will be discussing each episode in real time, giving my honest opinions on the show – including the highs, lows, and everything in between. Many of these episodes I haven’t watched for over 20 years, so it’ll be interesting to see what I remember about the series… and what I have forgotten.



The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

Time to begin my journey with The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest….

Episode 1 – The Darkest Fathoms

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

30secs – Of all the cartoons from the 1990s, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest has one of the best opening credits sequences. A bombastic theme, played against moving contours from a topographical map, interspersed with action scenes from the show. This opening is unique, it captures the spirit and tone of the show, and it’s bloody brilliant!

1min – OK, into the action now and this first episode begins with two ships, locked in battle in what appears to be the 18th Century. Pirates, cannons, cutlasses – it’s all old-world stuff.

This a bold way to kick off the show, as not only are the core characters absent from this opening, but this whole scene is set in the past. It could have had kids turning off already, but the animation helps see it through.

3mins 20secs – Onto present day now, and a team of ocean explorers are searching the bottom of the sea for oil. They have come across the remains of a sunken ship.

5mins – Up on the surface, and the rest of the team are being hijacked by pirates. These are the same pirates from the opening scene.

5mins 50secs – Cut to the Quest compound and after five minutes, the show introduces the first main character of the series: Dr. Benton Quest.

Dr. Quest is in discussion with the head of the exploration team. He believes he was attacked by Captain Black Jack Lee – the pirate captain of the Ivory Web.

6mins 55secs – And now for an intro to two more main characters: Jonny Quest and Hadji Singh. Jonny is Dr. Quest’s biological son, while Hadji is his adopted son.

I should add, that none of this is made clear here – I just know who these characters are. This show is sort-of working from the idea that viewers will have some familiarity with the series and its characters. It is a continuation of both Jonny Quest (1964) and The New Adventures of Jonny Quest (1986), albeit with updated animation.

7mins 35secs – The final two main characters are now introduced: Race Bannon and his daughter, Jessie.

8mins – Team Quest are investigating the mystery surrounding the Ivory Web. Jonny, Race, and Hadji are heading underwater, while Dr. Quest and Jessie remain above the surface.

10mins 30secs – Jessie and Dr. Quest are being attacked by pirates. Is it possible that Captain Black Jack Lee and his men have returned from beyond the grave?

In all honesty, I can’t remember if the pirates are ghosts, or this is all a fraud. I have a feeling that there are no ghosts in this episode, and the ‘pirates’ are really just a team of criminals, out to steal treasure, while using the legend of Black Jack Lee as a cover.

12mins – While Jessie and Dr. Quest are busy above the surface, on the ocean floor Jonny, Hadji, and Race have got into difficulties, which has put their lives in danger. It’s pretty dramatic stuff.

14mins – Well… it was pretty dramatic stuff. Drama over.

Jonny, Hadji, and Race are safe and back above the surface of the water. But Jessie and Dr. Quest are nowhere to be found.

15mins 50secs – While searching for Jessie and Dr. Quest, Jonny has come across some of the pirates.

Oh, wait, the pirates seem to have died horrifically in a boating accident (caused by Jonny). Wow.

18mins – Having found the missing members of Team Quest, the truth is revealed: The pirates are not ghosts. Yep, I remembered correctly, this is merely a gang of thieves, attempting to steal treasure.

20mins – A dramatic scene to conclude, as the fake pirates are given their comeuppance.

*Presses stop*

A decent first episode which contains plenty of action and adventure – a staple of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. The animation is solid and the voice cast are all good.

This is a good start to the series. It doesn’t mess around with endless exposition; it just gets straight on with things!



Episode 2 – Escape to Questworld

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

30secs – Still loving these opening credits.

1mins – This episode opens with a flashback to Chicago 1978.

1mins 20secs – Race Bannon is on the phone to Dr. Jeremiah Surd. Surd is trying to extort money out of him.

1mins 30secs – Race: “Cashing a cheque for $10 million on a Saturday night is like trying to herd cats in a lightning storm.”

Ha! I totally forgot that throughout this series, Race continually comes out with some very bizarre lines! I swear many of them make no sense whatsoever.

1min 40secs – Ah, OK, so Surd is threatening to release a deadly nerve gas, unless he is paid $10 million.

4min 30secs – Race has managed to track Surd down, and a SWAT team have taken him out. It would appear as though he is dead, but he isn’t. Surd is one of the recurring villains in The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest and I’m pretty sure he’ll be back later in this episode.

5mins – It’s now present day, and a construction crew working on a demolition job have accidentally uncovered the whereabouts of Surd’s nerve gas.

6mins – The gas has leaked and has killed five construction workers, as well as a government agent. This show is very comfortable with killing people off, isn’t it?

6mins 50secs – The gas has been contained (for now), so Race and Dr. Quest have been called in to see if they can defuse the situation before it spreads. This results in both characters getting trapped in Surd’s hidden lab, which is filled with nerve gas and… *dramatic pause* …set to explode!

10mins – With Race and Dr. Quest in trouble, Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji look for ways to help them… leading to the shock discovery, that Jeremiah Surd is still alive! The government had Surd stashed away.

11mins – Having found Surd’s location (with relative ease), Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji bargain with Surd. They offer him the opportunity to use their virtual reality software, Questworld, in exchange for his help rescuing their parents.

FYI: Questworld is a virtual reality programme which features heavily throughout this series. It is brought to life using CGI, which makes it look visually very different to the traditional 2D animation used in each episode.

Back in the ‘90s, this CGI was viewed as being ‘cutting edge’, but watching this now, Questworld looks bloody awful. If anything dates this show, it is Questworld.

And on the subject of animation, I should note that this episode clearly uses a different animation house to the one employed for the previous episode. The animation featured here is very much in-keeping with the style of animation in other ‘90s shows, such as X-Men: The Animated Series.

16mins – In news that will surprise no one, Surd has double-crossed the youngest members of Team Quest. He has taken over Questworld.

17mins 30secs – Jonny and Jessie enter Questworld to do battle with Surd.

20mins – After attempting to get Surd to help them again, Surd double-crosses them once more. However, Race and Dr. Quest manage to save themselves. Hurrah!

*Presses stop*

A so-so episode – not bad, but not amazing either. Surd is an interesting villain, and there is plenty of scope to develop him in future episodes, but the Questworld scenes derail this episode.

The CGI is very jarring, and sticks out like a sore thumb. Plus, the overall animation is not as strong as it was in that first episode.



Episode Three – In the Realm of the Condor

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

1min – Straight away, I am in love with the animation on display. This is more like the animation from The Darkest Fathoms.

3mins – Team Quest is being asked to investigate the disappearance of an ornithologist, who has gone missing in the Amazon.

5mins – Having accepted the job, Team Quest, minus Jessie, head to the Peruvian Rainforest. In Jessie’s place is Estella Scheele – the granddaughter of the missing ornithologist.

7mins – I’m seven minutes in and I like this episode. It has an Indiana Jones/King Solomon’s Mines feel to it.

8mins 25secs – Ah, the first hint that Estella Scheele is not to be trusted. If I remember correctly, she is not the granddaughter of the ornithologist.

9mins 40secs – A giant anaconda and a giant condor!

12mins – While abseiling down the side of a cliff, Team Quest is attacked by condors. Jonny has become separated from the rest of the team.

13mins 15secs – Searching for Jonny, Team Quest come across the remains of the Estella’s grandfather. Her disinterest in his body confirms my belief that she is lying.

14mins 30secs – Another discovery now, as Team Quest uncover the Lost City of Gold.

15mins – Jonny is already at the city, having befriended some of the natives.

16mins – And now the truth about Estella comes out. She used Team Quest to help her find the Lost City of Gold.

18mins 20secs – After a bit of a double-cross (a common theme in this series), Estella threatens the life of a native…

18mins 40secs – …but dies as a result. Oh, and in quite a disturbing way.

19mins 30secs – And now for the final revelation: Professor Scheele is alive. He has been living in the Lost City of Gold, protecting the giant condors.

*Presses stop*

I really liked this episode. The Indiana Jones vibe played quite strongly throughout the story, the animation was top-notch, and everything felt fun and exciting.

This is the best episode so far and a great example of the show firing on all cylinders. Not sure why Jessie was absent from the story, but in all honesty, she wasn’t missed. Sorry, Jessie.



Episode Four – Rage’s Burning Wheel

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

2mins – OK, so this is a little bit of an oddity. Rage’s Burning Wheel features another one of the show’s recurring villains: Ezekiel Rage. However, this is not his first appearance.

Ezekiel Rage doesn’t officially get introduced into The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest until episode nine – so this episode is out of order. This isn’t a fault of the digital set I bought; this episode was originally aired out of order too.

2mins 25secs – Rage is a fanatic who is set on destroying the world. His plan is to destroy the Ozone Layer.

3mins – This episode includes scenes set in space. Yep, not content with hopping from continent to continent, Team Quest go into outer space – or at least, Dr. Quest and Hadji do. Jonny, Jessie, and Race remain on Earth for this story.

4mins 45secs – Dr. Quest and Hadji are aboard a space shuttle, that (unbeknown to them) also contains Ezekial Rage.

8mins – This episode works much better if you know who Ezekiel Rage is. Thankfully I remember him well.

9mins – The animation isn’t so great in this episode, but the story is working well.

9mins 25secs – Rage has hijacked the space shuttle, while his crazed followers back on Earth have taken over Mission Control.

12mins – To help save the day, Race is trying to obtain a second shuttle, so that he can go into space. He’s calling in a favour from a former friend/love interest in Russia.

13mins 45secs – And just like that, Race is heading into space. Who knew it was that easy to fly from the US to Russia and convince an old friend to let you use their shuttle?

16mins 30secs – Rage’s followers have been rounded up, but in space, Ezekiel Rage is about to put his plan into motion.

17mins 30secs – Apparently, Rage didn’t notice Race sneaking onto the shuttle.

18mins – Race and his Russian friend perform a rescue, then set off back to Earth. They leave Ezekiel Rage in space, only to watch him fall back to Earth in some burning debris. Is he dead? I wouldn’t bet on it.

20mins – And to conclude the episode, there is some random scene featuring Questworld. This scene has absolutely no place in this episode, and appears to have been inserted to a.) fill in the running time and b.) highlight how ‘cool’ Questworld is.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that all these Questworld scenes cost a lot of money, so this show is making sure to use as much Questworld CGI footage as possible. It doesn’t matter if it fits into the episode, it’s getting slotted in regardless.

*Presses stop*

Not a bad episode. Ezekiel Rage is a decent villain, it’s just a shame that this episode pops up before his introduction story, because it feels very much like a sequel story.

Four episodes in, and Team Quest have had four very different adventures. I don’t believe they go into space all that often (this may be the only time), so it makes a nice change of pace, even if there are a few plot holes.



Episode Five – Ndovu’s Last Journey

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

4mins – This episode is about an elephant. I’m going to say this now, I’ve never been a fan of this episode. I found it fairly dull back in the ‘90s, and don’t expect things to change this time around.

5mins – Despite my misgivings about the subject matter, the animation is very good. Once again, it seems to be using the same style previously seen in The Darkest Fathoms and In The Realm of the Condor.

It is common practice for cartoons to utilise more than one animation studio to ensure episodes are completed and delivered on time. I can’t say I paid that much attention to it when I was younger, but I sure am noticing the difference in styles this time around.

8mins 30secs – I’ve not mentioned much about the plot of this episode, but in short, Ndovu’s Last Journey sees Team Quest on safari in Africa, with Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji searching for an elephants’ graveyard.

13mins – Poachers are searching for the elephant, Ndovu.

14mins – There are some strong visuals in this story, including the sight of a man on fire! How did that ever get past the censors?

17mins 25secs – Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji have found the elephants’ graveyard. So have the poachers.

18mins 45secs – One of the poachers was just impaled on the bones of an elephant. Does the killing ever end in this show?!

19mins 30secs – And speaking of deaths, Ndovu has died of old age. Harsh.

20mins 45secs – Another random scene featuring Questworld.

*Presses stop*

I think it’s pretty obvious that I was less than enthralled by Ndovu’s Last Journey, and it’s true. This episode looks stunning, but it is severely lacking in the story department.

This isn’t a terrible episode; it’s just not very exciting. I completely forgot it existed until re-watching it now.

Moving on…


Episode Six – Manhattan Maneater

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

1min 30secs – A hunter is loading a gun in Manhattan…

2mins 50secs – …but he is attacked by a white tiger.

4mins – An urban slayer is terrorising the streets of Manhattan. The city slayer has claimed four victims, and a (sleazy) news reporter is offering a $25,000 reward for any information that leads to its capture.

4mins 35secs – The mystery of the slayer’s identity was revealed within the first three minutes, so I’m not quite sure why this episode is trying to create some tension, but I like this episode regardless. I remember this one from the BBC/Cartoon Network days – it’s good!

6mins 30secs – Jonny and Hadji head down into the tunnels below Manhattan, in search of the tiger.

7mins – The teens have run afoul of a menacing gang.

11mins – The slimy reporter, Vince Vance, has hired a hunter to track down the tiger. And as an extra bit of insurance, he has informed all of his viewers that should the hunter fail, they are all eligible for a reward if they can kill the animal.

12mins 30secs – With various hoodlums now looking for the tiger, New York has become less safe.

13mins 30secs – What’s very notable about this episode, is the way in which some of the characters react to Hadji. Up until now, no one has mentioned his race, but on two occasions this episode has zeroed in on it, to highlight prejudices. It’s interesting.

16mins 30secs – A gang has captured the tiger.

18mins – Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji have freed the tiger, resulting in an underground showdown, with Vince Vance and the hunter ready to kill the tiger on camera.

18mins 45secs – Rather unexpectedly, one of the gang members steps in front of the gun to save the tiger.

20mins – Race arrives to rescue the tiger, so it can be taken back to the wild.

*Presses stop*

A strong episode that looks incredibly stylish from the opening moment. Manhattan Maneater is filled with grubby characters, which works well against the urban setting, and the tiger makes for an interesting ‘killer’.

This is a solid episode and easily one of the best so far. There’s nothing super natural about it, and the mystery angle is redundant as soon as it is introduced, but it all comes together nicely. Thumbs up!



Episode Seven – East of Zanzibar

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

30mins – Still not bored with these opening credits.

1min – Another sea-based adventure.

4mins 30secs – I only vaguely recall this episode, so I’m pretty confident it isn’t one of the best in the Jonny Quest portfolio…

5mins 30secs – …although, there is a sea monster so this is already making me more interested.

6mins – The captain of a whaling vessel is convinced he has seen a sea monster.

8mins – No time to worry about monsters, Jonny and Hadji have been caught up in whirlwind. Or whirlpool. Is it whirlpool or whirlwind? Well, either way, they are currently lost at sea.

11mins – Dr. Quest has deduced that the sea monster is really a giant squid.

14mins – Yeah, this isn’t the greatest episode, but it continues to showcase fantastic animation. Hanna-Barbera spent a lot of money on this show and it is clear to see where it went.

15mins – So, it turns out there is no sea monster. A couple of years ago, the crew of a submarine ran into difficulties, but were saved by some whales. To repay the debt, the crew have fabricated a sea monster, so they can attack and deter whalers.

Admirable stuff, but their methods are clearly questionable. They have no regard for human life, so they are the bad guys of this tale, even though they are no worse than the whalers.

17mins – Jonny and Hadji have run afoul of the submarine crew.

19mins 30secs – OK, so there is a sea monster! The submarine crew attacked the whalers, but there was a large squid too. Hmm…

*Presses stop*

I wasn’t convinced when I first started watching this episode, as I barely remembered it, but East of Zanzibar is fine. Not the most exciting story, but decent nonetheless.

Not sure it needed to have the submarine crew AND the squid in the episode, I think one would have been enough. I liked the idea that the submarine crew were the ‘big bad’ of the episode, operating in a morally questionable grey area. This was the most interesting aspect of the episode, so this should have been the focus. But yeah, it was enjoyable enough.



Episode Eight – Assault on Questworld

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

3mins – Dr. Quest and Race are in the Himalayas.

6mins 30secs – Although Quest and Race had planned this trip, they have arrived three weeks earlier than scheduled. Jeremiah Surd was responsible for their early arrival. He wanted them out of the way so that he could attack the Quest Compound.

7mins 25secs – Surd has remotely hijacked Questworld, while Hadji is using the software.

8mins 15secs – Concerned about Hadji, Jonny has entered Questworld to find that Surd has taken over.

11mins – With Surd in control of the virtual space, his team of mercenaries are on their way to storm the Quest Compound.

12mins – This episode features a fair bit of CGI. It’s like watching a ‘90s screensaver.

17mins – I don’t remember disliking the CGI all those years ago, but I’m certainly not a fan now. Perhaps I dislike it so much now because technology has improved and this simply looks rubbish.

19mins – Despite facing a team of gun-wielding henchmen, Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji manage to overpower the bad guys. Oh, and they sorted out all the drama in Questworld too.

*Presses stop*

All of the Questworld content put me off this episode. It hasn’t aged well at all.

As for the story, it was fairly non-eventful. I remember Surd being a decent villain, so I expected more from this one.



Episode Nine – Ezekiel Rage

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

1mins – Time for the Ezekiel Rage origin story (which should have aired prior to episode four).

2min 30secs – Rage is some kind of spy/government agent. He has broken into the Ministry of Finance in Mexico, to uncover evidence of dodgy dealings.

3mins – Although he was just caught by a guard, Rage has managed to escape, adopting a disguise in the process. Plain sailing from here then.

3mins 25secs – Oh dear, his wife and daughter have just randomly turned up, creating a problem with his getaway!

6mins – Rage has been recognised by one of the guards, leading to a car chase, with his family in the vehicle. He calls in for back-up, but the US government refuse to help.

6mins 15secs – Rage’s car goes off a cliff, and if I remember correctly, the incident kills his wife and daughter.

6mins 30secs – Jump forward in time and Team Quest are out on an expedition in the New Mexico desert.

12mins – The team cross paths with Rage, who is grieving the loss of his family, is clearly two sandwiches short of a picnic, and is dressed like the Phantom of the Opera.

12mins 45secs – Race knows who Rage is.

15mins – Rage wants to avenge his family’s death and in order to do this he is going to release some deadly nerve gas!

Jeez… what is it with villains and nerve gas? A few episodes back, Jeremiah Surd was planning on releasing nerve gas, and now Rage is doing the same thing.

16mins 30secs – It’s worth noting that Ezekiel Rage looks a little different in this episode, compared to how he looked in Rage’s Burning Wheel. In his previous episode he had hair (or a wig), but in this episode he’s bald.

20mins – Team Quest have managed to stop Rage, who appears to have died. Clearly, he hasn’t.

*Presses stop*

Putting aside the fact that this episode aired out of order, which lessens the impact of seeing Ezekiel Rage for the first time, this is a good episode. The story creates an interesting origin and it maintains momentum.  

The loss of his family makes Rage a tragic figure, but also a villain with nothing to lose. It explains why he is so cold in Rage’s Burning Wheel, and makes him a formidable force in the future.



Episode Ten – Alien in Washington

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

3mins 30secs – Questworld is being disrupted by strange interference.

5mins – Dr. Quest has analysed the interference and believes it to be a form of communication.

7mins 30secs – Over at the White House, something odd is going on with the Vice President.

9mins 50secs – Team Quest (minus Jessie – again) have been called to the White House, and according to Dr. Quest, he believes the interference is a signal from extra-terrestrials.

10mins 45secs – This episode features multiple scenes set in Questworld, but this time around all these scenes look fine. They mostly feature Jonny on a bike, and as you can’t see his face (he’s wearing a helmet), it stops the animation from looking so bad.

14mins – Everything about Alien in Washington reminds me of an episode of X-Men: The Animated Series, from the animation through to some of the music. In fact, I’m convinced some of the music used in this episode was used in a couple of Season Three episodes of X-Men.

16mins 30secs – The Vice President of the US has admitted to Team Quest that he is an alien.

18mins – Apparently, aliens are losing patience with us Earthlings, because we’re a bit rubbish. Fair point.

19mins 30secs – Not really sure what the crux of this episode is. A potential alien invasion? Either way, it has been halted.

*Presses stop*

Alien in Washington never really went anywhere and all felt a bit like a waste of time. There are hints of The X-Files in here, with aliens on Earth etc, but the story is largely a miss.



Episode Eleven – Return of the Anasazi

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

2mins 30secs – Looks like we’re back in X-Files territory with this story, which centres around Roswell, New Mexico.

3mins 30secs – Dr. Quest has received a call from an old friend. She is checking that he received a package containing an artefact.

5mins 30secs – The artefact holds a mysterious object.

12mins – Jonny and Jessie believe the object is extra-terrestrial in origin, and are searching for more information about it. Meanwhile, some mysterious men in black are keen to retrieve the item.

13mins – This feels100% like an X-Files episode. I like it. Probably works better because Robert Patrick – the voice of Race Bannon – was also in The X-Files, playing Agent Doggett, but still good regardless.  

16mins 35secs – Jonny has handed the item over to the men in black. It is a beacon, to help contact extra-terrestrials.

17mins – Holy double-cross! Jonny gave the men in black a fake beacon!

17mins 45secs – Turns out, the men in black aren’t as dumb as they look. They know Jonny dupped them.

19mins – It’s OK, the men in black have been dealt with, by ancient Anasazi.

19mins 45secs – Oh, and I think Dr. Quest’s old friend is an alien.

*Presses stop*

Great animation, plenty of things going on – yeah, that was a good episode. The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest has veered into X-Files territory a couple of times now, but this is an episode most influenced by the classic sci-fi show – and I’m totally fine with this.


Episode Twelve – The Alchemist

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

3mins – This episode is about the Philosopher’s Stone – which supposedly can transform metal into gold. I only vaguely remember this episode. Not a good sign.

3mins 50secs – Out on an archaeological dig, one of Dr. Quest’s colleagues believe he has found the Philosopher’s Stone. In terms of discoveries, it’s got to be one of the best things to find on a dig.

12mins – This story is kind of dull. There’s an eagle, a strange old woman, and scenes of Jonny, Hadji, and Jessie running about. This is about as good as it gets.

12mins 50secs – Oh, and Merlin is in this story too.

13mins – I can’t say that stories about turning metal into gold ever really interest me. Perhaps it is because I’ve seen this story retold numerous times.

18mins 30secs – The eagle is back. Whoop!

*Presses stop*

Forgettable… which explains why I forgot it. And I barely passed comment on The Alchemist because it didn’t grab me at all.

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest has peaks and troughs. I wouldn’t say this is a trough; merely a mediocre episode that has nothing much to say and therefore it was boring.

OK, onto the final episode for today. Please be better than this one.



Episode Thirteen – Trouble on the Colorado

Image: ©Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros.

*Presses play*

1min 30secs – The beacon (as seen in Return of the Anasazi) makes a reappearance.

6mins – Team Quest are off on another adventure, this time following a signal from the beacon.

7mins 30secs – Jeremiah Surd is also in this episode. This is his third appearance now? Not bad going, considering I’m only 13 episodes in.

11mins – I’m afraid to say, this episode isn’t gripping me either. Is tiredness setting in or is this just a fairly lacklustre episode? I think I know the answer to that question.

15mins – Having hacked into Questworld files, Surd knows all about the beacon. He wants information about aliens, and this puts Team Quest in danger.

19mins 45secs – Surd believes that with alien information it will give him power. Only rather abruptly, he fails in his task and Team Quest send him on his way. Bit odd.

*Presses stop*

Another poor episode I’m afraid. Trouble on the Colorado doesn’t boast the same level of animation or story that was previously seen in Return of the Anasazi, and Surd’s inclusion was wasted.

The show also seems to suffer a little from too many alien-focused episodes in such a short space of time. Hopefully when I revisit the next batch of episodes, Team Quest will be exploring other mysteries, that exist outside of aliens.

As for my feelings on these first 13 episodes, I think they have largely held up quite well, with some real gems in the mix – particularly Manhattan Maneater. This is my favourite out of this collection of stories.

Despite some drops in quality here and there, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest is mostly the fun adventure series that I remembered watching in my younger years. Let’s see how it develops moving forward.



Thank you for stopping by It’s A Stampede! to read this post about The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. It has been fun to revisit the first 13 episodes of this classic cartoon series, and I look forward to continuing with the rest of the series soon.

The second part of this four-part blog series (discussing episodes 14 – 26) will be coming up shortly, so don’t forget to check back. In the meantime, be sure to take a look at the recommended reads below for more Hanna-Barbera content.

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