In 1989, Marvel Comics revived its alternate universe anthology series, What If?, for a second run of stories. Replicating the formula of its predecessor, What If? Vol 2 told imaginative tales which put a spin on established Marvel continuity.

These tales ranged from What if Namor had joined the Fantastic Four? to What if Spider-Man had kept his six arms?, and What if the Vision had destroyed the Avengers?. They were intriguing and inventive alternate reality yarns, which made the comic a joy to read.

What If? Vol 2. ran for a period of nine years, ending in 1998. During its time on comic book shelves, the comic amassed 114 regular editions, as well as one-off special.

If you’re keen to find out what the titles of all those comics are, then you are in luck. In this post I am listing all of the comics in Volume 2, for you to cast your eyes over.



A list of Marvel’s What If? Vol 2 comics (1989 – 1998)

Image: ©Marvel Comics

Below is a list of all 115 issues of What If? Vol 2 (114 regular issues + 1 special).

  • 1) What if the Avengers had lost the Evolutionary War?
  • 2) What if Daredevil had killed the Kingpin?
  • 3) What if Steve Rogers had refused to give up being Captain America?
  • 4) What if the alien costume had possessed Spider-Man?
  • 5) What if the Vision had destroyed the Avengers?
  • 6) What if the X-Men lost Inferno?
  • 7) What if Wolverine was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.?
  • 8) What if Iron Man lost the Armor Wars?
  • 9) What if the X-Men died on their first mission?
  • 10) What if the Punisher’s family had not been killed?
  • 11) What if the Fantastic Four all had the same power?
  • 12) What if the X-Men had stayed in Asgard?
  • 13) What if Professor X of the X-Men had become the Juggernaut?
  • 14) What if Captain Marvel had not died?
  • 15) What if the Fantastic Four had lost the trial of Galactus?
  • 16) What if Wolverine battled Conan the Barbarian?
  • 17) What if Kraven the Hunter had killed Spider-Man?
  • 18) What if the Fantastic Four battled Doctor Doom before they got their powers?
  • 19) What if the Vision of the Avengers conquered the world?
  • 20) What if Spider-Man had not married Mary Jane?
  • 21) What if Spider-Man had married the Black Cat?
  • 22) What if the Silver Surfer had not escaped Earth?
  • 23) What if the all-new, all-different X-Men had never existed?
  • 24) What if Wolverine was Lord of the Vampires?
  • 25) What if the Marvel Super Heroes had lost Atlantis Attacks?
  • 26) What if the Punisher had killed Daredevil?
  • 27) What if Namor had joined the Fantastic Four?
  • 28) What if Captain America had led an army of supersoldiers in World War II?
  • 29) What if Captain America had formed the Avengers?
  • 30) What if the Fantastic Four’s second child had lived?
  • 31) What if Spider-Man had kept his cosmic powers?
  • 32) What if Phoenix had not died?
  • 33) What if Phoenix rose again?
  • 34) What if no one was watching the Watcher?
  • 35) What if the Fantastic Five fought Doctor Doom & Annihilus?
  • 36) What if the Cosmic Avengers battled the Guardians of the Galaxy?
  • 37) What if Wolverine had been Lord of the Vampires during Inferno?
  • 38) What if Thor was a thrall of Seth?
  • 39) What if the Watcher saved the universe?
  • 40) What if Storm of the X-Men had remained a thief?
  • 41) What if the Avengers had fought Galactus?
  • 42) What if Spider-Man had kept his six arms?
  • 43) What if Wolverine had married Mariko?
  • 44) What if Venom had possessed the Punisher?
  • 45) What if Barbara Ketch had become the Ghost Rider?
  • 46) What if Cable had destroyed the X-Men?
  • 47) What if Magneto took over the U.S.A.?
  • 48) What if Daredevil had saved Nuke?
  • 49) What if the Silver Surfer possessed the Infinity Gauntlet?
  • 50) What if the Hulk had killed Wolverine?
  • 51) What if the Punisher became Captain America?
  • 52) What if Doctor Doom became Sorcerer Supreme?
  • 53) What if …the Iron Man of 2020 had been stranded in the past? / …Rick Jones and Bruce Banner had both remained as the Hulk? / …Spider-Man had killed the Lizard?
  • 54) What if Death’s Head I had lived?
  • 55) What if the Avengers lost Operation: Galactic Storm? Part 1
  • 56) What if the Avengers lost Operation: Galactic Storm? Part 2
  • 57) What if the Punisher became an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.?
  • 58) What if the Punisher had killed Spider-Man?
  • 59) What if Wolverine led Alpha Flight?
  • 60) A What If? X-Men Wedding Album
  • 61) What if Spider-Man’s parents destroyed his family?
  • 62) What if Wolverine battled Weapon X?
  • 63) What if War Machine had not destroyed the Living Laser?
  • 64) What if Iron Man sold out?
  • 65) What if Archangel fell from grace?
  • 66) What if Rogue possessed the power of Thor?
  • 67) What if Captain America was revived in 1994?
  • 68) What if Captain America was revived in 1994?
  • 69) What if Stryfe had killed the X-Men?
  • 70) What if the Silver Surfer had not betrayed Galactus?
  • 71) What if the gamma bomb had spawned a thousand Hulks?
  • 72) What if Spider-Man was a murderer?
  • 73) What if the Kingpin owned Daredevil?
  • 74) What if Mr. Sinister had formed the X-Men?
  • 75) What if Blink from Generation X had not died?
  • 76) What if Peter Parker had to destroy Spider-Man?
  • 77) What if Legion had killed Magneto?
  • 78) What if the New Fantastic Four had remained a team?
  • 79) What if Storm had the power of Phoenix?
  • 80) What if the Hulk had evolved into the Maestro?
  • 81) What if the Age of Apocalypse had not ended?
  • 82) What if J. Jonah Jameson had adopted Spider-Man?
  • 83) What if Daredevil was the disciple of Doctor Strange?
  • 84) What if Shard had lived instead of Bishop?
  • 85) What if Magneto ruled all mutants?
  • 86) What if the Scarlet Spider had killed Spider-Man?
  • 87) What if…starring Sabretooth: Screams in the night!
  • 88) What if…starring Spider-Man: Arachnamorphosis
  • 89) What if…starring the Fantastic Four: Deadly inheritance
  • 90) What if…starring Cyclops and Havok: Their early years, their darkest fears!
  • 91) What if…starring The Incredible Hulk: The man, the monster
  • 92) What if…starring Cannonball’s little brother, Josh—and his pet Sentinel!
  • 93) What if…starring Wolverine: A man no more
  • 94) What if…starring Juggernaut: The kingdom of Cain
  • 95) What if…starring Ghost Rider: Burn, baby, burn!
  • 96) What if…starring Quicksilver: The quick and the dead
  • 97) What if…starring Black Knight: Camelot reborn
  • 98) What if…starring Rogue: Children in the attic
  • 99) What if…starring Spider-Man: The men behind the mask
  • 100) What if…starring Gambit: The greatest secrets of the Marvel Universe revealed!
  • 101) What if…starring Archangel: Death and disobedience
  • 102) What if…starring Daredevil: The fight of his life…has ended!
  • 103) What if…starring Captain America: The unknown soldier
  • 104) What if…starring the Silver Surfer
  • 105) What if…starring Spider-Girl
  • 106) What if…starring Gambit: Revenge!
  • 107) What if…starring The Mighty Thor: …and who shall be king?!
  • 108) What if…starring the Avengers
  • 109) What if…starring the Fantastic Four: The Thing… human again?
  • 110) What if…starring The Uncanny X-Men
  • 111) What if…starring Wolverine
  • 112) What if…starring Ka-Zar: New York…the new Savage Land…no escape!
  • 113) What if…starring Iron Man: Alone against Dormammu…Tony Stark–Sorcerer Supreme?
  • 114) What if…starring Secret Wars: 25 years later…comes a new generation of heroes!
  • Special: Issue #-1: What if…starring Bishop

Since its conclusion, What If? has been revived multiple times (Vol 3., Vol 4. etc), but to date, Volume 2 remains the longest running and therefore most successful volume of all the What If? comics.



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