Stop what you’re doing right now, and prepare for a journey back to the (recentish) past, to see some truly FANTASTIC cosplay. In my humble opinion, not only is this amazing cosplay, but arguably one of the best X-Men cosplays ever!

Posted on Marvel’s Instagram account, during San Diego Comic-Con weekend 2018, this was cosplay at its finest and it came courtesy of thebrothersyeecosplay.

Seriously, how good did this look?

X-Men cosplay

That’s a real person, dressed as a Sentinel… being attacked by X-Men!


As you can see, the chest plate and the eyes lit up, which gave the outfit a real sense of life. While those X-Men that you can see crawling over the suit were Marvel Legends action figures!

Oh and if you look very, very carefully (you may need to zoom in), you can see Wolverine and Colossus taking part in a fastball special on the Sentinel’s left foot!


The figures were strategically placed all over the costume to look as if they were battling the mutant-hunting robot. The figures also made the outfit look even more menacing!

This was (and still is) some damn fine cosplaying and the perfect example of someone taking their costume to the next level. Bravo. Bravo indeed.

It’s arguably as good as that time when Teri Hatcher cosplayed as Lois Lane!

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