Some people go to a comic con in their favourite super hero tee; while some cosplay as their favourite gaming character. Others – and I’m specifically talking about actress, Teri Hatcher – dress up as an icon they once played on TV.

Do you remember the time when former Lois & Clark star, Teri Hatcher attended San Diego Comic-Con dressed up as Lois Lane?

Teri Hatcher San Diego Comic-Con

Can you believe?!

It was back in July 2018 and Hatcher rocked up as Lois Lane at SDCC – pulling off the ultimate cosplay.


For me, out of all the cosplay that circulated on social media that year (and there were some great costumes) it was Teri Hatcher that deserved to win the top prize. And I don’t care if there wasn’t a competition or a prize or anything – she won it regardless!

As for the reason Hatcher revived her fan-favourite role for the con?

Well, she was at the con making videos for her YouTube channel. On this particular occasion, she was making a video about being a geek, so she dived in head first by becoming Lois once again.

Pure genius.


So, what’s the lesson from this story?

The lesson is, you should always be yourself. And if you’re Teri Hatcher, you can also be Lois Lane.

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