In 2005, the first entry in the hugely successful Twilight series hit book shelves. Written by Stephenie Meyer and published by Little, Brown and Company, the vampire-themed romance novel was a huge hit with readers and kick-started a phenomenon.

The novel centres around a high school student called Bella Swan, and her interactions with Edward Cullen – a vampire who she shares classes with. Throughout the course of the book, Bella and Edward share a romantic connection, while danger looms in the shadows.


Due to the popularity of Twilight, the book was soon accompanied by a sequel, which arrived the following year. The follow-up – titled New Moon – developed the story further, with more romance, more heartbreak, and this time a greater focus on Jacob – Bella’s friend… who was a werewolf.

Once again, Meyer had another hit on her hands and a third book arrived in 2007. This was followed by a final chapter, which arrived in 2008 and tied up the series.

Image: ©Little, Brown and Company

Should you wish to read the four Twilight novels in order, you need to read them as follows:

  • Twilight (2005)
  • New Moon (2006)
  • Eclipse (2007)
  • Breaking Dawn (2008)

And don’t forget, the popularity of the novels led to a series of big screen adaptations. However, unlike the novels, of which there were four, there were five movies, as Breaking Dawn was divided into two parts.

I hope this post helps you navigate your way through the Twilight novels. If you’re picking them up for the first time, enjoy!

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