A while back I made the decision to switch from being a collector of physical comics, to becoming a reader of digital comics. Since making that decision I have truly embraced being a digital comic book reader.

In fact, not only have I embraced the digital format, I have to admit, I love it – and you can too! I have no huge desire to return to physical comics and digital is the way I now consume my stories.


Making the change from physical to digital

Image: ©DC Comics

Many years ago, I tried to make the switch from physical comics to digital comics and at the time it just didn’t work out for me. I just wasn’t feeling it and eventually – after a lengthy pause in between – I started picking up physical comics again and forgot about the digital platform.

The way I saw it, I tried digital, I didn’t like it, and I decided it was physical comics or nothing. But in recent years, when I tried for a second time, it felt different and I soon expanded my digital collection.

So, what changed?


Well, first and foremost, getting a new tablet helped. I picked up an Amazon Fire 7 tablet prior to making ‘the change’ and this made a big difference.

I found the tablet much easier to hold than an iPad; far more convenient than a laptop/notepad; and (in my opinion) the perfect size for reading comics.

The second difference was the way in which Comixology helped me build up a collection of comics, without breaking the bank. Early into my switch from physical to digital I stumbled across the sales section on Comixology (the digital comic shop) and this is where I discovered the savings that could be made.

I have previously written a post on how to save money on Comixology (which you MUST read), so I won’t go into details here. What I will say is, I was able to amass a large digital collection very quickly, just from the sales section alone.


Within the space of a few months, I spent very little on the digital platform, yet I stocked up on a heap of Marvel and DC books. In some cases, the books were titles I had previously owned physically, but in most cases the books were entirely new stories.

By saving money I was able to read more comics and I found that digital had suddenly opened up a new avenue for my reading.

By dropping physical comics I also freed up space in my cramped apartment, simply by not having to house an ever-expanding collection of comics and graphic novels.


Is the future of comics a digital one?

Image: ©Marvel Comics

So, what did this mean for my reading and/or comic book collecting habits?

Well, after some initial hesitation I trimmed back my physical collection to just a handful of comics. Books that held some meaning/sentiment were kept, but bar those few titles the rest were sold.

I now only buy digital comics. My desire to buy physical books has long since passed.

I also don’t buy comics every week. I now prefer to pick up titles at a later date (always in the sales) and usually in a collected format for convenient reading.


Does this mean that everyone should adopt to digital as their choice for reading comics? No – not at all.

I still believe that the best option for each reader is the one that works for them. Digital is the option that works for me and that won’t be the same for everyone.

I still adore the look, feel and smell (yes, smell) of physical comics, so that will never truly go away (and nor should it), but I won’t buy them again.

I collected physical comics back when I was a kid, through my teens and into early adulthood, when I had the time, space and desire for such a collection. As I have gotten older, my situation has changed and I find digital is what suits me now.


If you are thinking of making the switch from physical to digital, then maybe try out a few books. Read my guide to saving money on Comixology, and go from there.

You don’t have to sell off your life-long collection of comics… so PLEASE DON’T! But, you could try the digital realm to see how it fits.

The world is changing and the way we consume information and entertainment is changing too. You now need to figure out how you want to adapt to the changes to move forward.


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