Back in April 2018, ahead of the highly anticipated release of Avengers: Infinity War, Vue Cinemas commissioned 25 artists to create a series of special Infinity War-themed posters.

And they were epic!

The posters – titled the Avengers Infinity Collection – were produced in association with Shelf Heroes and were unveiled in the run-up to the theatrical release of the film.


The collection included the likes of Spider-Man, Falcon, Star-Lord, Ant-Man, Maria Hill, Nick Fury and Rocket Raccoon amongst others.

Spider-Man by Chris King
Spider-Man by Chris King – ©Chris King/Vue Cinemas
Okoye by Marina Esmeraldo – ©Marina Esmeraldo/Vue Cinemas
Rocket by Luis Pinto – ©Luis Pinto/Vue Cinemas
Loki by Marco Caruso – ©Marco Caruso/Vue Cinemas
Iron Man by Jack Bedford – ©Jack Bedford/Vue Cinemas

In a statement back in 2018, Vue said:

“Working with 25 artists from the gorgeous Shelf Heroes, an independent zine featuring art, poetry, and short stories inspired by cinema, we’ll be unveiling 25 character posters that feature the cream of the Marvel crop. Superheroes, mega-villains, trash pandas and trees all make an appearance, all as you’ve never seen them before.”


Vue Cinemas revealed the posters throughout the course of the month via Facebook – adding to the excitement of the film’s impending release.

Once the full set of posters was unveiled on social media, Vue then gave away a special poster featuring all 25 images.

Thanos by Dan Evans – ©Dan Evans/Vue Cinemas
Falcon by Matt Chinworth – ©Matt Chinworth/Vue Cinemas
Star-Lord by Rhys Wootton – ©Rhys Wooton/Vue Cinemas

If you want to check out the full set, Vue’s website still contains all 25 posters.

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