Who is faster – Superman or the Flash? It is a question that has bothered comic book fans for many, many years and has inspired various races between the Man of Steel and the Scarlet Speedster.

But what is the answer? Who is faster? Could Flash out run Superman? Or could Superman run rings around the Flash?


Well, before I reveal the answer (because there is an answer), would you like to place your bets on the outcome?

*Drum roll*

Image: ©Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Entertainment

So, who would win in a race between Superman and the Flash?

The answer: The Flash!

Yep, in a race between Superman and the Flash, the Flash would win. Or at least according to DC Comics’ writer, Josh Williamson, anyway.

A while back, in DC Nation issue #2 (remember when DC Nation was a thing?), Williamson ranked ten DC characters in order of their speed. According to Williamson’s list, The Flash ranked higher than Superman!


Here’s Williamson’s list of Top Ten ‘speedy’ characters in full:

  • 10) Kid Flash
  • 9) Shazam
  • 8) God Speed
  • 7) Wonder Woman
  • 6) Cheetah
  • 5) Black Racer
  • 4) Superman
  • 3) Reverse-Flash
  • 2) Barry Allen
  • 1) Wally West

As you can see, according to Williamson’s list (from an old copy of DC Nation), it’s not even close -Superman didn’t even rank 2nd! In fact, he ranked fourth on the list. Ahead of Superman was the Reverse-Flash, Barry Allen and Wally West!


To be fair, while many have debated the Superman/Flash question for years (and years, and years), it would be pretty rubbish if the Flash wasn’t declared the fastest out of the two. After all, the Flash’s super power is speed – so he has to be the quickest, because it is the main thing he does!

So, at least for now, if someone asks you who is faster, Superman or the Flash(?), you can give them an honest answer. Assuming Williamson was correct in his list of ten speedsters…

…and the list wasn’t purely subjective…

…or open to revisions at any point in time…

…because that happens frequently in the comic book industry.


Yeah, you know, I think I’m going to need to see some science to back this up. Some facts and figures.

Maybe a graph or a pie chart would do. Most definitely a pie chart.

Can I get a pie chart?

At the very least, I think someone needs to get Superman and the Flash to run yet another race. Only then can we be 100% certain of the outcome…

…until it changes to fit a different narrative.

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