Have you ever listened to the DVD/Blu-ray commentary for Space Jam (1996) – the basketball themed Looney Tunes movie which stars Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny?


Well, if you haven’t listened to the movie’s commentary track, then you won’t know it features input from director Joe Pytka, voice over actors, Billy West & Dee Bradley Baker, and Space Jam’s two biggest stars, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck!

So, for those who have never listened to the commentary, here are the highlights direct from the mouths of Bugs & Daffy (and director Joe Pytka).

Image: ©Warner Bros. Pictures

1) Daffy Duck is not happy that Bugs Bunny received star billing during the opening title sequence of Space Jam. To be fair Daffy, I can see Daffy’s point.

2) Bugs thinks Michael Jordan’s career change from basketball player to baseball player was a pretty funny move.

3) As far as Daffy is concerned, Porky Pig is such a ham. A ham! Oh Daffy, they don’t make ducks like you anymore.


4) Daffy Duck’s spit was toned down considerably for Space Jam. This is despicable!

5) Daffy likes watching himself on screen. This surprises no one.

6) During a scene with the Monstars, Porky Pig gets scared and wets himself. According to Bugs, Porky’s bladder-related issues are a common occurrence.

7) Daffy is less than sympathetic with Porky’s problematic pee, especially since Porky doesn’t wear pants.

8) Bill Murray is ‘totally’ Daffy’s hero.

9) According to Daffy, Brad Pitt, Kevin Costner and Robert Redford were all considered for the role of Daffy Duck in Space Jam, but they all turned it down. Reluctantly, Daffy agreed to play himself in the movie, so as long as his pay was to “scale plus ten, plus five bucks”.

10) Bugs was paid a million dollars to play himself in Space Jam. Warner Bros paid Bugs his fee in carrots – one carrot at a time.

Image: ©Warner Bros. Pictures

11) As far as Bugs is concerned, Michael Jordan is a better kisser than Elmer Fudd.

12) Lola Bunny is a better kisser than Michael Jordan.

13) According to Bugs (and at the time of recording the movie’s commentary track), Lola Bunny is still acting and has appeared in a stage play of Grease at the Albuquerque Playhouse. She replaced Foghorn Leghorn in the role of Rizzo.


14) Ever wondered why Taz spins so much? Apparently, it’s a distraction and delay technique. Speaking about Taz’s frantic character trait, Daffy said: “He’d lose his place and then he’d spin around and eat stuff until finally he’d remember his lines.”

15) During the final act of Space Jam, Michael Jordan scores the winning basket by stretching out his arm beyond all human capabilities. According to Bugs, Jordan’s arm stretch came at a price. “Michael was a real pro, he did it in one take, believe it or not. The funniest thing, was he was stuck like that all day long, with a 12ft arm.”

16) Daffy Duck does all of his own stunts. Or at least, that’s what he says.

17) Bugs Bunny is thankful to Warner Bros, to producer Ivan Reitman, to director Joe Pytka and to all the writers and animators for making Space Jam a reality.

18) Daffy is very thankful to all of the little people who made his performance in Space Jam what it is. He also thanks himself.


19) Director Joe Pytka is confused as to why Space Jam 2 and Space Jam 3 haven’t happened yet. You’re not alone, Joe.

20) Daffy’s favourite line in the movie is, “that’s all, folks!” …which seems an appropriate place to end this post.

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