In 2005, Tom Selleck took the lead role in the crime movie, Stone Cold. The movie provided the first live-action appearance of popular literary character, Jesse Stone, and became a hit with audiences.

Due to its popularity, Stone Cold spawned a long-running movie series, with Selleck returning for each new entry. But of course, Selleck wasn’t alone, and he was joined by a collection of actors, many of which appeared in multiple entries in the series.

Below is a list of the core characters/actors from the Jesse Stone movie series. These are the notable names from across the film series, playing some of the most popular characters.



The cast of the Jesse Stone movies

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The Jesse Stone movies have a great cast, with various actors returning time-and-time again throughout the film series. Notable characters/actors in the series include:

  • Jesse Stone – Tom Selleck
  • Luther ‘Suitcase’ Simpson – Kohl Sudduth
  • Captain Healy – Stephen McHattie
  • Molly Crane – Viola Davis
  • Anthony D’Angelo – Vito Rezza
  • Dr. Perkins – John Beale
  • Carter Hansen – Jeremy Ackerman
  • Comden – Tom Gallant
  • Jenn – Gil Anderson
  • Reggie – Joe the Dog
  • Steve – Ned the Dog
  • Dr. Dix – William Devane
  • Gino Fish – William Sadler  
  • Hasty Hathaway – Saul Rubinek
  • Rose Gammon – Kathy Baker

Other notable actors in the Jesse Stone movie series include Mimi Rogers, Sean Young, Luke Perry, Stephen Baldwin, Sylvia Villagran, Liisa Repo-Martel, Todd Hofley, Laura Kohoot, Leslie Hope, Gloria Reuben and Christine Tizzard.



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