Tom Selleck is one of Hollywood’s most likeable actors, with a career spanning decades. He has appeared in many movies, from Runaway (1984) and Quigley Down Under (1990), to various entries in the Jesse Stone series.

In this post I am taking a look back at Tom Selleck’s career, through a rundown of all his movies. I will be going through his portfolio, decade-by-decade, to showcase all of his pictures, from the iconic movies through to his lesser-known films.

Ever wondered what all of Tom Selleck movies are? Then keep reading, so you can see how his movie career has played out over the years.




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Tom Selleck started his movie career at the beginning of the 1970s, making his on-screen film debut in The Movie Murderer. From here he moved forward with roles in The Seven Minutes, Battle of Midway, The Washington Affair, the mystery-thriller Coma and The Gypsy Warriors.

During this decade, Selleck was extremely busy, appearing in at least one movie every year – three movies in 1978! His final film of the ‘70s was The Chinese Typewriter.

Tom Selleck’s 1970s movies include:

  • The Movie Murderer (1970)
  • Myra Breckinridge (1970)
  • The Seven Minutes (1971)
  • Daughters of Satan (1972)
  • Knuckle-Men (1973)
  • A Case of Rape (1974)
  • Returning Home (1975)
  • Battle of Midway (1976)
  • The Washington Affair (1977)
  • Bunco (1977)
  • Coma (1978)
  • Superdrome (1978)
  • The Gypsy Warriors (1978)
  • The Chinese Typewriter (1979)


The 1980s

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Moving into the 1980s now, and this decade brought one of Selleck’s most iconic roles, as Peter in the Leonard Nimoy-directed comedy, 3 Men and a Baby. Selleck appeared as one of three co-leads, alongside Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson.

Other movies in this decade included the sci-fi action film, Runaway, as well as the mystery comedy, Her Alibi.

Tom Selleck’s movies during the 1980s include:

  • Divorce Wars: A Love Story (1982)
  • The Shadow Riders (1982)
  • High Road to China (1983)
  • Lassiter (1984)
  • Runaway (1984)
  • 3 Men and a Baby (1987)
  • Her Alibi (1989)
  • An Innocent Man (1989)

Selleck’s movie portfolio during the 1980s may seem sparse, certainly in comparison to his work during the 1970s, but that is because the actor was incredibly busy with his TV career during this time. From 1980 through to 1988, Selleck played the role of Thomas Magnum in the extremely popular television show, Magnum, P.I. – one of the defining roles of his career.




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With Magnum, P.I. coming to an end in 1988 Selleck was able to pursue more movie opportunities, leading to another increase in his film output. Pictures included Folks!, Mr. Baseball, and the Frank Oz-directed comedy, In & Out.

It was in this decade that Selleck reteamed with Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson for 3 Men and a Little Lady – a sequel to 3 Men and a Baby.

Tom Selleck’s movies during the 1990s include:

  • Quigley Down Under (1990)
  • 3 Men and a Little Lady (1990)
  • Folks! (1992)
  • Christopher Columbus: The Discovery (1992)
  • Mr. Baseball (1992)
  • Open Season (1995)
  • Broken Trust (1995)
  • Ruby Jean and Joe (1996)
  • Last Stand at Saber River (1997)
  • In & Out (1997)
  • The Love Letter (1999)



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Into the 2000s, and Selleck continued to work solidly, with movies including Crossfire Trail and Twelve Mile Road. He also took on a voice role in the Disney animated movie, Meet the Robinsons.

In 2005, the actor played the part of police chief Jesse Stone for the movie, Stone Cold. This became a fan-favourite part, which Selleck continued with movies including Night Passage, Death in Paradise, Sea Change and Thin Ice.

Tom Selleck’s films throughout the 2000s include:

  • Running Mates (2000)
  • Crossfire Trail (2001)
  • Monte Walsh (2003)
  • Twelve Mile Road (2003)
  • Touch ‘Em All McCall (2003)
  • Reversible Errors (2004)
  • Ike: Countdown to D-Day (2004)
  • Jesse Stone: Stone Cold (2005)
  • Jesse Stone: Night Passage (2006)
  • Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise (2006)
  • Meet the Robinsons (2007)
  • Jesse Stone: Sea Change (2007)
  • Jesse Stone: Thin Ice (2009)



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Kicking off the 2010s, and Selleck returned to the role of Jesse Stone for No Remorse. He then continued the role in movies including Innocents Lost, Benefit of the Doubt and Lost in Paradise.

It may seem as if Selleck’s career quietened down in the 2010s, but during this decade Selleck continued to remain busy. He balanced his movie career with a long-running role as Frank Reagan in the television show, Blue Bloods, which kept him working around the clock.

Tom Selleck’s movies throughout the 2010s include:

  • Jesse Stone: No Remorse (2010)
  • Killers (2010)
  • Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (2011)
  • Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt (2012)
  • Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise (2015)

So, what are your favourite Tom Selleck movies? Are you a sucker for 3 Men and a Baby or can you just not get enough of In & Out? Perhaps 3 Men and a Little Lady is the movie for you, or maybe the Jesse Stone movies? Whatever your favourite movie is, be sure to drop a comment in the comments section.



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