You may recall, a month or so back I published a post about Crisis on Infinite Earths, and how the epic Arrowverse crossover won’t air in full in the UK. The reason for this? Because Sky doesn’t have the rights to air Batwoman – one of the five series included in the five-part crossover.

Well today, I have good news. I also have bad news.

The good news (via Gizmodo) is that Batwoman will air in the UK this year. Hurrah!


The bad news is that the show will air on E4 and not Sky One – the channel that airs Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl. Boo!

As predicted, Channel 4 picked up the rights to Batwoman and will now air it via E4.

When will it air?

*Shrugs shoulders*

E4 has not announced an air date for Batwoman yet – the only confirmation is that the show will hit screens this year. E4 has also picked up the animated Harley Quinn series too, which will air in 2020.


Of course, it’s great to see Batwoman finally get a home in the UK, but it’s not great if you want to watch the crossover in its entirety. Unless you’re willing to hold off until E4 has got up to speed with Batwoman, you’re going to have to miss out the Crisis/Batwoman episode for now.

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