You may recall that last weekend I published news that Spider-Man: Far From Home made its opening week debut to the sweet tune of $580,055,628. A great start for what is a great Spider-Man movie.

For its second week of release, Far From Home has continued to pull in audiences, pushing the movie’s current worldwide box office up to a very impressive $847,029,305 worldwide!


This is not only a fantastic achievement for this latest Marvel movie, but more importantly it has now helped it to become the third highest grossing Spidey movie of all time!

At present, the film sits just behind Spider-Man: Homecoming ($880.2 million) and Spider-Man 3 ($890.9 million) in terms of financial success. Over the coming week it should easily surpass these movies to become the No.1 Spider-Man film.


I may have mentioned this could happen.


Now that Far From Home has sailed past $847 million, it will have its sights firmly set on the $1bn target. But in order to get there it will face some stiff competition at the end of this week from The Lion King.

I firmly believe Spidey has got this, but Simba and Co. will take a dent out of next weekend’s box office total.

And in other Marvel news, Avengers: Endgame is still hanging on in there, as audiences continue to watch the film on the big screen despite its a limited number of screenings. As of today, the film is now less than $8 million behind Avatar.



Source: Box Office Mojo

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