Earlier in the week Marvel Comics took to social media to post a series of teasers for a forthcoming Spider-Man project. The teasers began with the image of the number four in the shape of a spider web.

Image: ©Marvel Comics

The image made many believe the project being teased was Spider-Man 4 – the unmade Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire Spidey sequel. That was until a similar image appeared on social media the next day, this time depicting the number 3.

The number 2 followed.

Then the number 1.

Yep, the teasers were a countdown. But a countdown to what?

Well, today all has been revealed.

*Drum roll*

J. J. Abrams is co-writing a Spider-Man story.

Working with his son, Henry, Abrams will be providing the story for a Spidey mini-series. The five-issue story will introduce a new villain called Cadaverous.

Sara Pichelli is providing the artwork. The new story kicks off in September.

And now you know.