Road House (1989) has been on my “to watch” list for longer than I care to remember. It is one of those films that I should have watched by now, but for one reason or another it’s just never happened.

Today I am going to check it out, and make a few comments along the way…


*Clicks play*

Initial observations:

A good portion of the budget was clearly spent on hairspray – and that’s just for Patrick Swayze!

Erm… and does Swayze own a shirt?

*Watches more of the movie*

I can confirm that he does not.

You know, it must have been written in the script that a fight scene has to take place every 15 minutes. A camp fight scene.

*Watches even more of the movie*

Things to note:

  • Sam Elliott’s pubes
  • A brutal death scene
  • A stuffed polar bear

I should also note, there is some weird shit in this movie!

Image: ©MGM

*Clicks stop*


Road House is an enjoyable romp with some OTT fisticuffs, a lot of manly men being manly (and ever so homoerotic) and a bonkers final act that sees Swayze become a one-man army. Yeah, that came out of nowhere.

The highlight of this entire movie was a man getting knocked out by a stuffed polar bear. That was truly amazing hilarious.

Oh and the townsfolk getting away with murder, which was quite bizarre.

There are simply no words for this kind of writing.

Image: ©MGM

Overall Road House is a daft film with charm! It is a conveyor belt of fight sequences, soft rock, and testosterone, but it is kind of fun.

Would I watch it again? Purely for the fun, yes!

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