When I was a kid it was Kinder Surprise toys and Mini Boglins. Nowadays (as a big kid) it’s Pint Size Heroes.

Why do I find blind bag toys so damn addictive?


What are blind bag toys?

Blind bag toys are a series of toys or collectables, sold in packaging that obscures what is inside. When you buy a blind bag toy you don’t know what toy you are going to get (see below).

I’ve previously highlighted on this blog that I am collecting Masters of the Universe Pint Size Heroes – a series of blind bag toys based around He-Man. I’ve yet to complete my collection, but one day (hopefully in the not too distant future) I will hunt down what I am missing.

My latest obsession collection is Spider-Man Pint Size Heroes. I’ve just started picking up these blind bag toys and it’s a lot of fun seeing which characters I’m going to get.

But why is it fun? Why is it fun to shell out money for something that you can’t see?


I guess it’s kind of the thrill of what you might find in your blind bag that makes these toys so much fun to collect. Sure, there can be a lot of frustration when you’re trying to hunt down the final pieces to add to your collection, but in between it is exciting to see what you might get with each purchase.


The thrill of the chase

I think back to when I was a kid, when I would buy endless (and I mean endless) Kinder Surprises. As much as I liked the chocolate, the thrill of buying a Kinder Surprise was the mystery toy hidden inside the egg.

Would the toy be a car, a boat or a plane? Or would it be one of the more exciting toys, such as a Smurf or a Pink Panther figure?

For a kid who had very few cares in the world, thinking about what would be inside his Kinder Surprise was a big deal. So much so, that I even tried to work out a system of what eggs might contain what toys.


Of course, I couldn’t work out a system so instead I would just plough my way through as many as I could until I found the toys that I wanted. This often produced mixed results and a heap of toys I was less than excited about.

But then, once I actually found a Smurf or a Pink Panther, was I really that fussed anyway? Probably not – the excitement was in the thrill of the hunt itself.


The anticipation of going to the store; the thrill of selecting an egg that may contain the premium toy – that’s where the fun was to be had. Once the initial buzz of having the toy itself wore off, the excitement faded.

Until next time.

That’s the thing with blind bag toys, there’s always a next time. There’s always the chance the next time will produce better results.

So, is the thrill of the blind bag concept the reason why these types of toys are so successful? Hmm… it’s difficult to say. I really do like the results of the blind bag toys (the toys themselves)…


…but hunting them down is a big part of the experience.

I guess I’m addicted to the thrill and I enjoy the buzz of excitement, in the same way I get excited about going on a regular toy hunt. When I set off on a hunt for toys, I never know what I’m going to find.

Is this just a collector thing?

Do you collect blind bag toys? Which blind bags do you collect and why do you like to collect them? Also, tell me about your favourite ‘surprise’ finds. Did you find something awesome in your Kinder Surprise? What has been the best mystery toy you’ve ever found in a blind bag? Sound off in the comments section.

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