It has long been teased that one day, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger would return to one of his most iconic roles, that of Conan the Barbarian, to star in a third entry in the Conan series. That movie is often referred to as Conan the Conqueror.

Up until now, the idea of a third Schwarzenegger-Conan movie has always seemed somewhat of a pipe dream. But is that pipe dream now about to become a reality?


Today, Arnold Schwarzenegger took to social media to highlight a new comic book – Marvel’s Conan the Barbarian. After a long-spell with Dark Horse Comics, Conan is now back under Marvel’s roof, leading to a new collection of titles and Arnie wanted to show it off.

But was there a little more to his social media post?

To highlight the arrival of this new comic, Arnie recorded a video, because he was “pumped” to get a copy. In the video, Arnie could be seen sitting on a throne, reading the comic.


He noted:

“This is a fantastic comic book. Look at this, Conan the Conqueror. Wow!

“This almost looks like me (looking at the artwork of a conquering Conan).”

Arnie then revealed the cover of the comic, which featured a shot of himself in his younger days.

He commented: “This one definitely looks like me.”

Looking at the camera, he added:

“It’s a movie I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Let’s do it.”

So, did Arnie just announce a Conan the Conqueror movie or is this just his way of suggesting he STILL wants to make this movie?

It’s a little unclear, but either way, this post suggests Arnie is very, very keen to get the ball rolling on this project.


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