Of for the love of…

Bad news X-Men fans – X-Men: Dark Phoenix has been delayed AGAIN.

The movie, which was originally set to open in November 2018, but was pushed back to February 2019, is moving again.

The new date? June 7th 2019!

Yep, the trailer only dropped two days ago, with the release date of February 14th attached, but now according to Deadline, the film is being shifted back another four months.

Why the change?

Apparently an edited, PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 is being (re)released at the cinema in time for Christmas. This reworked Deadpool 2 is taking the slot of Fox’s Alita: Battle Angel (which is also moving), so that movie is taking the X-Men slot.


In other X-Men-related news, the oft-talked about (but never going to happen) Gambit movie has been given ANOTHER new release date – March 2020.


What about The New Mutants? Well, there’s no word on that film, so either Fox intends to keep the movie tied to its August release date, or it is simply going to evaporate into thin air.

Does anyone care at this point?


Apologies for the negativity in this post, but the constant release date changes with the X-Men movies is getting really frustrating – especially as we know these are the last X-Men films from Fox. The fact that the trailer was only released two days ago and clearly stated it was arriving on February 14th 2019 is also really annoying.

Anyway. Films are moving. You’ll have to wait longer to see them… and so on.