Remember those rumours a while back, that suggested that Lucasfilm President, Kathleen Kennedy was being kicked out of her job?

You remember.

So-called ‘fans’ took to the comments section of various entertainment sites to say they’d ‘heard’ Kennedy was being fired over the Star Wars backlash.

Do you remember?

Well, it turns out there was absolutely no truth in those rumours. None whatsoever.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kennedy has just signed a new contract which will see her remain with Lucasfilm until at least 2021. As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, “the move is a vote of confidence in Kennedy” as it will keep her tied to the franchise for a further three years.

*Does a fist pump*


You know, it’s almost like those rumours – which originated from disgruntled Star Wars fans – were a load of baloney. It’s almost like they were started just to discredit Kennedy.

Anyway, Kennedy isn’t going anywhere and in my opinion, nor should she.

Under Kennedy’s leadership we’ve had a whole heap of new Star Wars content (shorts, movies, the revival of a previously dead TV show etc) and she’s helped diversify the Star Wars Universe a little too. All good work in my book.