Halloween favourite, Hocus Pocus is finally getting the Blu-ray treatment in the UK. The movie – which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary – will arrive on Blu-ray on September 24th.

This might not seem all that newsworthy, but a.) the UK has had to put up with a DVD-only edition of this movie for many, many years and b.) this release is called the Hocus Pocus: The Anniversary Edition!

So, what does the Anniversary Edition include?

*Drum roll* 

Sadly, not much.

*Shakes fist at Disney*

Hocus Pocus: The Anniversary Edition includes:

  • We ❤️ Hocus Pocus: Triva and Treats featurette
  • An original production featurette dating back to 1993
  • A 40-page booklet (with the limited edition release)

And that’s it.


Still, the good news here is that the film will finally be available on Blu-ray. And if that’s your thing, you might also like to know that Zavvi currently has a limited edition steelbook available for pre-order, should you want something fancy.

Hocus Pocus stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy and tells the story of three long-dead witches, resurrected in the 20th Century. Although it was not a hit on its initial release, Hocus Pocus is now considered a Disney classic and has become the go-to film every Halloween.