In just over a month’s time, iconic ’90s cartoon Batman: The Animated Series will be arriving on Blu-ray and HD digital for the first time. After 26 years, fans of the classic show will finally be able to watch B:TAS with superb picture quality and no dust/dirt muddying up the show.

Great stuff – but hang about, what about that other great cartoon from the 1990s, where’s that? No, not Gargoyles (which also deserves the HD treatment), but X-Men: The Animated Series? This is a show long overdue for a high definition makeover!

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This year, as with B:TASX-Men: The Animated Series celebrates its 26th birthday and yet, so far, there’s been no sign of a Blu-ray or HD digital release. There wasn’t one for the 25th anniversary last year and there isn’t one this year. 😦

The series has previously received a full DVD release (at least, it has in the UK), but that was in standard definition and those DVD’s are now out of print. You can track them down on the secondary market, but they’re not cheap.

So, what about digital?


Well, at present X-Men: The Animated Series IS available digitally, but it is in standard definition only.

Just taking a look at Amazon UK and if you want all five seasons of X-Men: The Animated Series in SD you can have them – and you can buy the seasons individually to spread the cost.

Are there any rumblings of a Blu-ray/HD release?

To be honest, no – no there are not.

While various fans have made it known they would be interested in seeing the show on Blu-ray, nothing has been announced and there’s no suggestion that a HD release will ever happen. Of course, there’s always hope – never lose hold of hope – but hope doesn’t always equate to shiny Blu-ray discs.

For now, if you want to own a copy of the show, then SD DVD (via eBay) or SD digital (via Amazon) is your best bet. And should you want more from the X-Men, then why not check out the following video from the guys over at NerdSync who discuss the show’s iconic theme song in the video: Why The X-Men cartoon Theme Song is Even Better Than You Remember.

If you want to read more about X-Men: The Animated Series, I’ve written a 12-part series looking back at the show. Check out X-Men: The Animated Series Revisited – Part 1 to get started!

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