This week sees the arrival of Power Rangers: Shattered Grid One-Shot – the dramatic conclusion to a HUGE Power Rangers comic book event that has been running across summer 2018. If you’ve not been reading Shattered Grid, but you’re either a.) a fan of the Power Rangers b.) a comic book nerd or c.) both, then now is the time to catch up.

Shattered Grid is as good as people have been saying. The storyline, the artwork, the geek-out moments – they’re all there in a tale which feels truly epic and has confirmed that BOOM! Studios’ Power Rangers comics are must-buy books.


Just using Shattered Grid as an example, this has been a massive storyline which has played out across the pages of two PR titles: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and sister publication, Go Go Power Rangers. The crossover has seen countless Rangers, from all different eras of the franchise unite for a monumental adventure which never dropped the ball, not even for a moment.

Every issue felt as good as the one before and throughout the course of the crossover readers were treated to new designs, a new Zord and perhaps most important of all, a new villain in the shape of Lord Drakkon. One of the best villains to ever grace the Power Rangers franchise? Uh-huh!

Lord Drakkon
Image: ©BOOM! Studios

But Shattered Grid isn’t the be-all and end-all of BOOM! Studios’ Power Rangers comics, in fact long before this year’s epic crossover, the comic has been steadily forging its own path with great characterisation and artwork to match. Similar to the way IDW presents its long-running Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic, BOOM!’s Power Rangers titles are geared towards franchise fans, as well as those who simply like good stories.

The books take what has worked in past incarnations of the Power Rangers series and then tweaks the formula slightly, to serve up a more adult friendly offering, which walks a fine line but manages it perfectly. BOOM!’s Rangers books aren’t quite as campy as the show and aren’t quite as serious as the 2017 movie either – instead they fall somewhere in the middle.


In my opinion, this is the best version of the Power Rangers to date. They’re slick, they’re cool and thanks to the endless possibilities of comic book storytelling, they’re not restricted by budget constraints and the like so anything is possible.

You want larger than life villains, engaging stories and the characters you know and love from MMPR? You’ve got them! And as this recent crossover has demonstrated, there’s so much room for stories from other corners of the PR multiverse.

Image: ©BOOM! Studios

With Shattered Grid now over, the Rangers continue on with yet more stories to tell and no doubt more new characters to introduce and I for one can’t wait. BOOM! Studios’ Power Rangers books have become firm favourites of mine and remain at the top of my reading list.

Highly recommended.

So, who else is reading the Power Rangers comics? What do you like about them and what did you think about Shattered Grid? Sound off in the comments section.

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