Forget George the gigantic albino gorilla from Rampage; forget Lara Croft’s super human-like abilities in Tomb Raider; the most preposterous cinematic moment in 2018 has been found – and it’s in Skyscraper!


Er… everywhere. In every frame there is something preposterous – trust me!

Bonkers, over-the-top and with a threadbare plot, Skyscraper is a brainless blockbuster which should be regarded as a complete disaster of a disaster movie.

A complete car crash then, right? Ha, no – I really enjoyed it!


If you’ve watched the trailer for Skyscraper then you’ll be pretty clear on two things.

Firstly, Skyscraper is effectively the best bits of Die Hard (1988) and The Towering Inferno (1974) sandwiched together. Secondly, the movie is a pure popcorn film and nothing else.

So long as you understand this and accept it, when you watch Skyscraper – like I did tonight – you won’t feel bamboozled or let down. Instead, you’ll accept what is on offer, throw yourself into the premise, eat your popcorn and have fun.


Yes, this movie is daft. Yes, Dwayne Johnson does impossible things with duct tape. Yes, everyone in this movie should die from smoke inhalation alone. But are these things you need to worry about? Heck no!

From the opening scene to the dying embers of its rooftop finale, Skyscraper never stops – the action is constant. Dwayne Johnson delivers and then some, creating a real driving force for this (sketchy) story.

Johnson is always a crowd pleaser, so it’s no surprise that he’s the main selling point of this film, however, he’s not the only highlight. Neve Campbell – playing Johnson’s onscreen wife – is given a fair bit to do and proves she’s a force to be reckoned with too.

Image: ©Universal Pictures

It seems odd to have to say this, but as this is 2018 and the world is all over the place, I’ll say it anyway: It’s good to see a female co-star who is given something to do in an action movie. Campbell gets the opportunity to showcase her skills and demonstrate that female characters can be just as capable as male characters in a crisis.


And then there’s the whole burning building situation which offers a lot of spectacle. Sure, it’s a CGI extravaganza but still the fire, explosions and scenes of Johnson chucking himself at various parts of the structure are fun to watch.


If you don’t go to see Skyscraper at the cinema this summer, I guarantee you will watch it at Christmas. The movie has ‘post-Christmas dinner viewing’ written all over it.

It’s not demanding, it’s not going to annoy you and chances are, the more drunk you are the better you will feel about the movie. That’s not me trying to encourage people to drink while watching this film, it’s just me saying it wouldn’t hurt.

Universal Pictures know that Skyscraper isn’t going to win over everyone this summer – the studio knew this just from looking at the script – but that’s where they’ve been clever and have invested in a back-up plan. Instead of setting the movie in the US, the film takes place in Hong Kong and features a partial Chinese cast, so it should appeal to the lucrative Chinese market regardless.

This isn’t me being cynical – this is clearly why this movie is China heavy. Johnson + Chinese involvement/setting = guaranteed profit.


Again, does that matter? No, it doesn’t. Skyscraper won me over with action and laughs (not all intentional) and sometimes that’s all that matters when I shell out for a movie on a Friday night.

Skyscraper is not a sequel; it’s not part of a wider universe; and it doesn’t spend a third of its running time setting up future stories. Skyscraper is simply a good ol’ fashioned standalone movie which just wants to entertain audiences for 90(ish) minutes.

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