News has started to circulate that the Spice Girls are planning on reuniting for a tour in 2019. This is of course fantastic news for fans who have not seen a great deal from the girls (collectively) since the 2012 Olympics.

The last time the girls toured together was in 2008 for a series of concerts. One of these concerts took place at the Manchester Arena (known at the time as the MEN Arena).

In 2007, not long after I had moved to Manchester, tickets for the tour went on sale. Lucky for me, the chap I was seeing at the time was a MASSIVE Spice Girls fan, so he queued up overnight outside the arena to get tickets.

I demonstrated my support to his overnight camp-out by providing him with a bag containing a sandwich and a drink. I then went back home where it was warm and I didn’t have to sleep on the floor.

Anyway, he got tickets and come January 2008 we attended the concert. As you’ll see from the shots below, we were near to the front of the stage – not too far away from David Beckham.

I don’t want to brag, but Beckham walked past me at one point.

Well, near to me.

Well, we probably breathed similar air.

OK, he was simply in the same room, but I could see him!

Anyway, as I’m feeling nostalgic for the Spice Girls, here are a few snaps from when the girls played in Manchester back in 2008.

Throughout the concert, the girls played all their hits and also took part in individual performances to showcase some of their solo hits. As you can see, they also dressed in attire to suit their ‘Spice’ names and Geri appeared in a Union Jack dress.

I’ve been to many concerts over the years and the Spice Girls 2008 tour remains one of my favourites. If the girls are truly reuniting for another tour, then I hope this next one is as good as the last time.