At the beginning of the month, a few details began to emerge regarding Disney’s new streaming service. Those details included:

  • Launch date: Late 2019
  • Launch titles: Dumbo, Captain Marvel & Avengers 4, all Star Wars movies released in 2019 and onward
  • Exclusive titles: Lady and the TrampNoelle, Monsters Inc.TV show and High School the Musical TV show

And now a couple of additional details which have cropped up via an interesting report from Variety. I recommend you read the full story via Variety, as it discusses the current trend for developing streaming services, but for those pressed for time, here are the Disney-related titbits:

  • When the service launches, it is likely to be called Disney ‘Play’ – or at least that is the name that Disney CEO Bob Iger is currently calling it.
  • Disney ‘Play’ will have a lower subscription fee than Netflix.

Let’s address that second point first: It has already been noted that the new Disney streaming service will launch with less content than Netflix, so it makes sense to reflect that in the price. That said, will there be enough content?

In the UK we already have a Disney streaming service called Disney Life, which is cheaper than Netflix. However, Disney Life (in my opinion) is very low on content and what is available is predominantly aimed at a younger demographic.

Buying 21st Century Fox should help bulk out the content to a wider demographic, but will that be enough to convince subscribers to dish out more money? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Now onto the name.

As noted above, in the UK we already have Disney Life; so will the UK’s service be re-branded as Disney ‘Play’? It would kind of make sense to streamline the service under one name, so a name change wouldn’t be a bad thing, but will the content be the same too?

Hmm… I doubt it will be exactly the same.

Disney has different licensing agreements with different countries, which is why we don’t all get the same things. At present, many of those agreements are still in effect, so even if the service does get re-branded (which I think it will – eventually), it’s still likely to house different content.

Now, that said, I would expect the UK’s service to get some of the launch titles – especially the exclusive content such as the High School Musical show. The Star Wars deal may also apply, although that depends on what the current agreement is over here concerning ITV.

I’m aware that ITV is currently airing the Star Wars films in the UK, so I would expect Disney’s deal with ITV to air Star Wars movies will run for a while. Once it comes to an end, I expect Disney to move Star Wars to its subscription service.

Basically, what I’m saying is just bear all this in mind if you’re contemplating switching to a Disney streaming service in the near future, don’t expect both the UK and US service to carry the same content, even if they do end up with the same name.

Out of interest, who currently subscribes to Disney Life? What do you like about it and what don’t you like about it?

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