Details about Disney’s new streaming service have been revealed.

The service will make its debut in late 2019 with a number of high-profile launch titles including big screen movies, Dumbo, Captain Marvel and the as-yet-untitled Avengers 4, as well as made-for-streaming movies, Lady and the Tramp and Noelle. According to Variety, shows based on Monsters Inc. and High School the Musical will also feature.

As you’ll notice, the majority of the titles listed above are brands that draw from established Disney catalogue – and this is intentional. Speaking during a presentation to highlight the new service, Disney CEO Bob Iger, said: “Our first priority is going to be reaching our core Disney fan.”

One thing you won’t notice on the service, at least to begin with, is any Star Wars content. At present, the Star Wars films are all tied up in existing contracts with other streaming services… for now.

“The marketing will make clear that it’s not going to be on there,” said Iger. “But Star Wars movies that come out in 2019 and later, you’ll find them there.”

During the presentation, Iger also said he was excited to be buying back the X-Men, Deadpool and Fantastic Four – titles previously tied up with 20th Century Fox. Once Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox reaches completion, these titles will be available for Disney to use as the company sees fit.

At present, there are no details on how the new Disney streaming service will work for those living outside of the US. In the UK, we currently have a Disney streaming service called Disney Life, so whether this service gets a re-brand remains to be seen.

Presumably, it will take some time for Disney’s content to filter through to countries outside of the US, as different regions currently have different deals in place with different content providers. However, certainly from this point onward, it is unlikely Disney will be renewing any of these deals.

What does that mean for you or I? Well, if you’re used to seeing Marvel movies on Netflix, you’d best make the most of it – those days are numbered.