Whoop whoop – some great news for those out there who like some spooky ‘toons to chill out to. Especially those with a penchant for Ghostbusters.

The highly underrated ’90s cartoon, Extreme Ghostbusters is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video in the UK. All 40 episodes are up on the streaming service, including the two-part story featuring the team from The Real Ghostbusters.

If you’ve not watched Extreme Ghostbusters before, but you’re a fan of the other iterations of the GB franchise, then give the Extreme team a go – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

It’s also worth pointing out that only selected episodes of Extreme Ghostbusters are available on DVD, iTunes and Amazon’s digital ‘buy & keep’ service, so streaming all 40 via Amazon Prime Video is the only way to legally watch all the episodes in the UK.

You might also like to know that between Netflix and Amazon Prime Video there’s quite a lot of Ghostbusters available to stream right now. In fact pretty much all of the Ghostbusters franchise is available to stream via the two services.

All of the aforementioned Extreme Ghostbusters is available on Amazon Prime Video UK, while Ghostbusters 2 (1989), Ghostbusters (2016) and the entire run of The Real Ghostbusters is available on Netflix UK. You can even watch the Ghostbusters docu-film, Ghostheads (2016) on Netflix too.

What are you waiting for?

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