This morning I published a post highlighting the arrival of Marvel’s Extermination issue #1 – the first chapter in a new X-Men event. As discussed earlier, I planned on picking up this comic once I’d caught up on a backlog of X-Men: Gold/Blue/Red issues that I’d not got around to reading yet.

Fast forward a few hours and after a mammoth binge on the aforementioned X-Men books earlier this evening, I have now read Extermination issue #1. Yes, I have been doing a lot of reading today.


Upon finishing this first issue (there are four more to come), I discovered two things. Firstly I didn’t need to play catch-up with the other X-books, as Extermination doesn’t necessarily jump off from the recent titles. Secondly, Extermination issue #1 is awesome.


I really loved it and I can’t wait for issue #2 to drop in around two weeks’ time.

X-Men Extermination
Image: ©marvel Comics

I’m calling it now – this is going to be a fantastic X-Men event. I can sense it. Only one issue in and it already feels like a mix between Days of Future PastX-Cutioner’s Song, the X-Men: Animated Series four-parter, Beyond Good and Evil and pretty much every good X-Men story.

It also plays out like the opening act from a movie. In fact, I read this as though it was an adaptation of a live-action X-Men feature!

For those who have yet to read Extermination issue #1, I shall not post any major spoilers here. All I will say is that the X-Men are doomed and it appears that changes need to occur in the past in order to secure the future.

We’re being promised an end to the ongoing story with the O5 (the time displaced original five X-Men) and there’s a sense that this is most definitely it. This issue makes it clear that these guys are the prime focus of this tale; that their journey is getting a dynamic conclusion; and there will be a number of twists and turns along the way.


Here’s what I loved:

  • The story – It’s only issue #1 and there’s already a clear path of what this tale is about, complete with at least one villain (maybe two). Writer, Ed Brisson has nailed it, so far. Hurrah!
  • The art – The art is something I really want to highlight as it is gorgeous and incredibly detailed. Pepe Larraz has really gone to town on each page, bringing so many neat touches to each panel – the artwork is truly stunning.
  • The colours – It’s not just Pepe Larraz’s pencils that stand out, so does the work of colourist, Marte Gracia. Through the use of a strong colour palette, Gracia never puts a foot wrong in any panel – everything looks beautiful and so immersive.
  • The cinematic feel – All of the above works perfectly to create a story that is engaging, visually striking and feels like a blockbuster.
  • The final panel – It’s obvious what the ‘reveal’ will be, but it still left me wanting more.

Extermination issue #1 is a comic that promises a lot and has so far delivered. I hope the second issue does the same (or more) and I’m pretty certain it will.

A big thumbs up from me.

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