The X-Men event series, Extermination #1 arrives on shelves and digital stores today, ushering big changes for Marvel’s mighty mutants. Written by Ed Brisson, with pencils by Pepe Larraz, Extermination is a five-part story focusing on the 05 (the original five X-Men) and promises to be epic.

Here’s the synopsis:

“EXTERMINATE THE PAST. ELIMINATE THE FUTURE. Cyclops. Iceman. Angel. Beast. Marvel Girl. The original team of teen mutants brought together by Professor Charles Xavier many years ago have been shunted through time to find a world they barely recognize but were determined to help. Now, finding themselves targeted for death, the future of mutantkind lies squarely in the hands of its past. Writer Ed Brisson (OLD MAN LOGAN, CABLE) and artist Pepe Larraz (UNCANNY AVENGERS, AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER) answer the biggest question of all: can the fate of the X-Men be changed?”

So, will you be picking up this book?

I’m currently a few issues behind on the current X-Men: Gold/Blue/Red books, so I need to catch up on all those before I dip into Extermination, but all of this is very much on my priority list for the week. I’m a big fan of Gold, Blue & Red and while I know that both Gold & Blue are coming to an end shortly, I’m hoping that Extermination provides the perfect send off for at least one of those books.

Overall, X-Men is killing it right now, isn’t it? For me it is anyway.

Between the X-Men books, Cosmic Ghost Rider, The Immortal Hulk and the return of Fantastic Four, it’s Marvel that’s mostly getting my interest right now – which is why I’m struggling to keep up with everything at present. Not that I’m complaining.

Anyway, the guys over at Marvel‘s Pull List talk a little about Extermination in this week’s comics preview (don’t worry, there are no spoilers). If you want to know a little more, then check out the video below.

And if you are picking up Extermination issue #1 this week let me know your thoughts. I WILL be picking it up too and WILL be talking about it later this week – once I’m up to date on all the X-Men books I’m behind on.