If you’ve recently watched Teen Titans GO! to the Movies AND you remained in your seats after the credits rolled, then you might be asking yourself the question: What did the Teen Titans Go! to the Movies mid-credit scene mean?

Well, it’s lucky I’m here to help, because I have the answer.

To recap: At the end of Teen Titans GO! to the Movies, the credits roll, allowing time for the core cast to have their names pop up on screen.

Once the core cast have featured in the credits, the screen is hit by static, as though someone is trying to tune in an old TV screen. The static continues until the picture becomes clear to reveal another version of the Teen Titans – a more serious (and familiar) version of the group.

The Robin of this group of Titans comments that they have “found a way back”, before the screen cuts to black. The credits resume.

So, what gives?

Well, if you’ve only ever watched the TV show, Teen Titans GO! then you might not be familiar with this other group of Titans.

Teen Titans

Ten years before Teen Titans GO! first started airing on Cartoon Network, another cartoon, simply titled Teen Titans regularly appeared on the station. Running from 2003 until 2006 Teen Titans ran for five seasons (comprising 65 episodes) and one movie, featured the same core voice cast as Teen Titans GO! and was aimed at a slightly older demographic than its follow-up.

The Titans seen in the mid-credit scene of Teen Titans GO! to the Movies are the Titans from 2003’s Teen Titans. Robin’s comment about finding a way back suggests that this version of the Titans could be returning from the depths of cancellation.

Is a Teen Titans revival possible?

Teen Titans was a very popular show, so when the series got cancelled in 2006 the fan base was not happy. Cancelling the show was one thing, but replacing it with a series aimed at a younger demographic was something else entirely.

Over the past 12 years, fans have pleaded constantly with Cartoon Network for a revival of the ’03 show. All hope seemed lost until June this year, when Teen Titans GO! cast member, Tara Strong tweeted out the following:

“WOW. Just so y’all know…at a movie session today, they told us that if the #TTGO movie kicks all butts they would do our show at the same time as #Season6 …FOR REALS! So go see it! Even if you hate us!!”

At the time, Strong’s tweet suggested that a Teen Titans revival was possibly on the cards. The mid-credit scene in Teen Titans GO! to the Movies now seems to suggest that a revival will happen – although what shape that revival will take is anyone’s guess.