Listen up peeps, this is very important news if you happen to be a fan of the original Teen Titans animated show.

According to Tara Strong – the voice of Raven on Teen Titans and Teen Titans GO!, the original Teen Titans show could be revived. The series – which originally ran from 2003 – 2006 – might get a sixth season under one condition – people go and see the new Teen Titans GO! to the Movies movie.

Taking to Twitter to break the news, Strong said: “WOW. Just so y’all know…at a movie session today, they told us that if the #TTGO movie kicks all butts they would do our show at the same time as #Season6 …FOR REALS! So go see it! Even if you hate us!!”

Tara Strong

OK, so for those who dislike Teen Titans GO! but love Teen Titans, this is blackmail of the highest order, but isn’t it worth it to get a new season of Teen Titans?!


Personally, I don’t mind Teen Titans GO!, so I’ll happily watch Teen Titans GO! to the Movies. However, knowing that my actions could help revive one of my favourite shows from the ’00s is fantastic news!

Created by Glen Murakami, Teen Titans originally ran for five seasons totalling 65 episodes and one spin-off movie. When the show ended the original cast were retained for Teen Titans GO! – a new show aimed at a younger demographic.

While Teen Titans GO! has proved popular with younger audiences, older fans have not been happy with the show and have made this dislike known on MANY occasions. Maybe now it’s time for them to let go of the hate for the greater good.

Teen Titans GO! to the Movies hits cinema screens in July. I’m not saying you should book tickets today…. but it wouldn’t be a bad idea.