Last night, in spite of the VERY HOT weather we’re currently experiencing in the UK, myself and a friend popped along to the local cinema to watch Ocean’s 8 – the new comedy heist movie from director Gary Ross. The movie has been on general release for about a week now and for UK audiences its one of the biggest releases at present, as we sit and wait patiently for the arrival of The Incredibles 2 and Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Ocean’s 8 is a sequel to the Ocean’s trilogy (2001-2007) from Warner Bros. Pictures’, however if you’ve not watched all or any of the previous three entries, don’t worry the film plays fine without too much knowledge of the series. That said, I was quite surprised at how much effort the film goes to, to link up to the previous entries – it could easily have played out like a reboot/stand alone.

As for the film itself, Ocean’s 8 is a light, frothy and fun movie which asks very little from audiences and doesn’t wear out its running time. The plot is fairly straight forward and sees an all-female team involved in the heist of a rather expensive necklace.

Is Ocean’s 8 essential summer viewing? No – but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a place amongst this year’s big movies.


For me, Ocean’s 8 is the sort of film that you watch after a long day, when you simply want to switch off with a carton of popcorn and a ridiculously large soft drink. Its a film that you choose to watch during a random trip to the cinema when you don’t plan on seeing anything specific and you just opt for the next film that’s playing.

In short: Ocean’s 8 isn’t a must-see movie, but it is a decent one, bolstered by a very likeable cast, with Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett being the standouts of this ensemble piece. I couldn’t quite understand the point of having James Corden in this movie – playing an insurance broker – but I chalked it up as an extended (pointless) cameo and tried to focus on the rest of the cast instead, who are superb.

Oceans 8 movie
Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Upon leaving the cinema last night, I asked my friend if she enjoyed the movie. She explained that she did, although she felt that everything worked out a little too conveniently for the Ocean’s team.

After that (very) mild criticism, she said she still liked the movie and thought it was enjoyable enough. And that’s probably the best way to sum up the film.

With a few weeks to go before The Incredibles 2 arrives and more than a month before we get to see Ant-Man and the Wasp, Ocean’s 8 provides a suitable diversion for cinemagoers. If you’re suffering a little from superhero fatigue, then Ocean’s 8 could be the antidote.

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