I told you it was a busy night for news…

…and here’s a bit more.

Stephen King has just given you, me and pretty much anyone with access to the internet a FREE short story. The story is called Laurie and can be downloaded at no cost, just simply through the click of a button.

I kid you not.


King has released the story as a precursor to his new novel, The Outsider, which is published next week.

Taking to Twitter to announce the freebie, King said:

“I’m posting a brand new short story, if you want to read it — think of it is an appetizer to the main course, THE OUTSIDER, coming next week. The story is free. Read, print, share, whatever. Go to my website or click the link.”

Stephen King

So, there you are.

You heard the man, go to his site and download Laurie. The story runs 32-pages in length and won’t cost you a penny.


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